2022 Wall Art Trends

by | May 26, 2022 | Inspiration, Tips and Tricks

Since the pandemic hit over 2 years ago, we’ve seen plenty of people go on home decorating spree to elevate the feeling of stress and boredom from being cooped up inside. From something simple as changing the type of lightbulb used to full on home makeovers, the interest in home decor and styling has never been higher. However, when it comes to home decor trends, it’s an understatement to say that they evolve quickly.

In fact, it can feel almost overwhelming when trends come in and out of fashion as quickly (and varied!) as Lupita Nyong’o’s outfit changes during her press tour for the critically acclaimed 2019 horror movie, ‘Us’. 

The stress is real!

But it doesn’t have to — and it really shouldn’t be so stressful. Instead of chasing after the next big trend, what we should do is view them as inspirations rather than something we must have or follow to a ‘T’. By doing so, we’ll be able to engage with them (trends) as a source of new ideas without feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, we’ll also be able to freely incorporate ideas that bring joy into our space and ignore the ones that don’t fit our individual styles.

With that in mind, we’re sharing our list of 2022 Wall Art Trends that you can you can take inspiration from for your next room makeover! 

Animal Print

Unite your love for animals and pets with interior decor by decorating your space with an animal/animal-themed framed print. What’s even better is that this trend falls under the category of ‘evergreen’ – meaning that it doesn’t ever really go out of style!

If you want a more cohesive look or like for your decor to match up, you can pair your animal-themed framed print with matching pillows, rugs, or doormats – to compliment the entire vibe.

Pro Tip: If you’re thinking about where to hang up an animal-themed framed print, our go-to is always places that see a lot of traffic – i.e. the living room and kitchen areas. 

Arrange by Collection

When it comes to wall art, you can’t escape from wall galleries. They’re the quintessential home decor that’s both impactful and easy to make. But as we’re trucking through 2022, we have noticed a little twist when it comes to how these wall galleries are arranged. 

The era of having a huge, solitary focal point that was a mainstay in the peak gallery-walls are is being replaced by offset groupings that maintain a sense of spatial equilibrium. 

That said, having a mix of different sized framed prints, canvas or other types of wall decor grouped together in one display – as long as it looks spacially balanced – is the key to nailing this trend. 

This also means that the often overlooked nooks and crannies will have their spotlight moment.

Neon Colours

With the resurgence of everything 90’s, neon colours are back in! Now as we all know, neon (a.k.a. fluorescent) colours are extremely bright. They also tend to dominate and outshine every other decor piece around them. But since that’s not what we want to go for (especially if your other decor pieces aren’t quite as loud), here are some clever tips on how to incorporate ‘neon’ into your wall art. 

  • If your room is pastel, a pop of neon is perfect to transform the room’s vibe without hurting your eyes. 
  • Choose a print with thought-provoking quotes in neon colours for dressing up a study or living room. 
  • To not overpower the rest of your decor items, choose a print with subtle neon highlights – like a poster with a motivational quote with a dark background and neon letters (or invertedly, a neon background and dark text).

Pro Tip: The important thing to remember when incorporating neon into your wall decor is to try and strike a balance between your existing decor and the neon colours/ image that you’d like to print out.  

Go Frameless

In 2022, we see a significant shift away from minimalist interior design trends involving a lot of clean lines, monochrome colours, and symmetrical furnishing. Gen-Z in particular has started to gravitate towards more bold colour options, pairing them with furnishing that has more organic textures and shapes. 

However, the trend is all for simple and low-profile appearances when it comes to wall art displays. Many people have come up with creative ways to display their photos without frames (whether the frames are bulky or otherwise),

Some opt to use photo prints and posters; adhering them to the walls with double-sided tape (functional!) or washi tape (for a fun pop of colour). The more crafty people may employ magnetic hangers or have images stand-alone using a wooden display stand

By the end of the year, we anticipate seeing a lot of larger, thicker prints like our postcard prints, posters or canvas lites hanging on the walls or displayed on mantles and shelvings. 

Nature Shots

This trend may not come as much of a surprise. Thanks to the havoc Covid had wreaked over the past two years, people have found themselves with a new appreciation for plants and sceneries from the ‘great outdoors’. We’re talking serene forests, winding roads, romantic sunsets, calming lakes and magnificent mountain scenes. Just anything with a ‘view’ that takes soothes your spirit or takes your breath away. 

Additionally, more artistic style prints like plant-themed art prints and modern style ‘flower-head’ art prints are also wildly sought after – with people creatively recreating the styles on Instagram and TikTok. 

If you’re looking to incorporate nature shots into your home decor, you can pair them up with furniture or backgrounds that feature calming colours – like blues or greens – or earth-toned colours – like browns and tans – to create a more cohesive feeling throughout the rooms. 

Asymmetrical Triptychs


Now, this isn’t a word that comes up in normal conversations, but you’ve probably seen plenty of triptychs (it’s just that you didn’t know there was an actual word for it). Triptychs are pieces of art that usually comes in three panels – forming one cohesive picture. These wall art have are great for two reasons:

  • Offers high visual impact.
  • They do a great job at covering up a lot of wall space (meaning that you don’t need to worry about having those awkward, empty spaces). 

The standard triptychs usually come in the same size panels – either as a framed print or canvas. But as mentioned in the title, people are moving towards a more modern rendition when it comes to triptychs, opting to have irregular sized panels grouped together to form a more organic and interesting looking display.

And that concludes our post on the six 2022 Wall Art Trends that will help you go from drab to fab in minutes. If you’d like to explore more personalised photo projects, feel free to visit our website to check out more cool and customisable items at affordable prices.

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2022 Wall Art Trends

Since the pandemic hit over 2 years ago, we’ve seen plenty of people go on home decorating spree to elevate the feeling of stress and boredom from being cooped up inside. From something simple as changing the type of lightbulb used to full on home makeovers, the...

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