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Wall Masterpiece That Celebrates All Lifestyles
Decorate your blank walls and complete the perfect wall look you’ve always wanted.
Perfect for living room, bedroom, cafe, restaurant and more…

Arrange the wall portraits according to your own liking and preferences with your photos in it!
Quality/Feature Highlights
Selectable Colours and Sizes
Black / white frames & three sizes (6R, 8R, 12R) with creamy white mounting frame available.

Protective Surface with Lamination

Photo print is gloss or matte laminated.
It is waterproof and easy to be cleaned,
if it ever gets dusty.
Beautify Your Wall
Follow your style to spice up the wall with combination of different angle arrangements,
positions of the photo prints. Mix & Match according to your own favourite wall gallery style.
Fast Ordering & Delivery

Upload your chosen photo for wall decor, add on colour effect
and adjust the brightness until you are satisfied.
Finally, submit your completed artwork. Extreme Fast & Easy!
Readily-Designed Art Pieces
Wide Diverse Range of Professional Readily-Designed Art Pieces Available.
Pricing & Delivery Details

Frames Sizes
Mount Depth
Photo Print Size
Paper Price
10.2" x 12.2" 1.5" 6"x 8" (6R) Art Card 230gsm
with Gloss/ Matte
Lamination (1 Side)
12.2" x 14.3" 1.5" 8" x 10" (8R) RM40
16.3" x 20.2" 1.5" 12" x 16" (12R) RM65
* We ship out in 3 - 5 working days for all quantities.

**Above prices are exclusive of 6% GST.

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