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Stylish Layflat Hardcover
Elegant and stylishly perfect!

Ideal for the celebration of love or for your
labour of love...

• Wedding Album
• Photographer's Portfolio
• Book of Love
• Self Portrait Album
Special Features
• Pages open as a spread, 180° flat, making them
   perfect for using 1 photo across 2 pages.
• Photo/designed pages are first printed on the
   chosen paper material and are then mounted
   onto hard board pages of the book,
   making each page about 1.5mm thick.

Also great for: First-class Catalogue  |  Music Book

Orientation/ Sizes
Landscape Portrait Square
6” x 8” 11” x 8.5”  |  11” x 8”  |  8” x 6” 8” x 8”

Mini Lite Portrait
5.7” x 4.2”
- Lighter book weight with gloss/matte lamination
  on Art Card 500gsm
- Cover & Content must be with the same lamination.
- Back cover will contain Pixajoy logo, QR Code and barcode
- Not upgradable & Slip case is not available.

Mini Lite Portrait now come with QR Code link to eFlip Photo Book
  Explore New way Connect With Friends

Cover Material
- Image Wrap Hardcover with Protective Lamination
The cover is hard, printed in full colour, to the edges of the entire front and back.
- Choice of Lamination:
• Gloss Lamination
• Matte Lamination
Gloss Lamination Matte Lamination        

Content Paper Material
- Art Card 1300gsm (inclusive of medium card) with Gloss Lamination
Standard durable, white paper. Gloss lamination gives it a shiny finish. Reflects light and therefore creates a balance between brightness and contrast.
- Art Card 1300gsm (inclusive of medium card) with Matte Lamination
Standard durable, white paper. Matte lamination gives it a muted finish. It does not reflect light and so the printed page may look darker.
Premium Upgrade:
- Textured Paper Linen 1360gsm (inclusive of medium card)
Thicker card-like, white paper. Textured with a fine linen weave. No lamination as it is textured.

Know more about the Paper here.

Special Accessory
Hardcover Slip Case
The Slip Case not only acts as an additional layer of protection for your book but also enhances the appearance of your photo book. Using hard board, it is tailor-made to fit your book snugly. It's open on one end and the Slip Case is printed using your book's front & back cover design.