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Everyday Paper

Fade-resistant and highly versatile with a smooth surface, the colours offered by unlaminated art paper will appear closer to the original image.

Premium Photo Lustre

With a beautiful pearly/sandy texture, the premium photo lustre paper softens your images to give it a more decadent appeal. *Not applicable for Lay Flat photo books.

Gloss Lamination

Fade, tear and water resistant, gloss lamination offers the best in dynamic contrast and will make your images appear more vivid and shiny.

Matte Lamination

Smooth and completely shine-free, matte lamination will make your images water, fade and tear resistant while also lending them a classy and elegant feel.

Premium Linen

Exuding a classy feel, this fade-resistant material features a smooth linen texture, coupled with creasing line for an excellent user experience with the photo book

Special Accessory
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Create your personalised memories with us

There are moments that fleet away before our eyes, but the memories are worth cherishing for a lifetime. Getting your fun, magical and valuable moments captured on camera, lovingly printing them out and going through the motions of flipping through pages upon pages of precious memories is the best feeling we could ever have.

With that said, come and create your own personalised Photobooks with Pixajoy. With the ability to add messages and scrapbooking items alongside your photos, we’ll help you turn your digital photos into an heirloom quality photo book that you can pass down for generations to come.

Preserve all your memories of family and friends, festival gatherings, pictures from your travels, your child’s milestones or special days with your loved ones. You can easily start creating your photo book just by selecting your favourite theme from our sensational pre-designed template collections and uploading your pictures directly from your gallery, Flickr or Facebook.

To ease your process of creating a one of a kind photo book, our Pixajoy editor tool also comes with several helpful options such as preview, redo, save, layout and some other necessary tools that you need to add some personal touch to your photo collections. We also offer several options in terms of paper; from our ‘Everyday paper’ that features gloss or matte lamination to Premium Linen and finally onto our elegant and premium Photo Lustre paper, your choice of paper can help enhance your overall photo book appearance.

In addition, we also have hardcover and softcover photo books for you to choose from as well as a hardcover, slipcase as a special accessory. It is quick, simple and easy! If you’re a fan of turning your online photos into Photogrids or picture collages look no further. You’ll be able to do that more meaningfully on the Pixajoy editor. Remember, we’re here to help you preserve and share the joy of your memories!