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Hold your best moments close to your heart.
Beloved memories should be printed out to be held close.
What better way to do it than a Personalised Photo Pillow?
101% Pillow Coverage

A full-bleed photo for your pillow ensures no space is wasted.

It's Washable Cover

To keep your pillow clean all the time
Removable covers with a hidden zipper.

Good Rest With Velvety Smoothness

Enjoy velvety smoothness with 100% polyester fiber cushion.

Exclusive Designer’s Designs

Don’t have time? We have already designed for you.

Pick & go

Quick Completion & Delivery

Upload, edit and submit your photo,
then wait for it to arrive at your doorstep! It’s that easy!

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Details & Pricing

Photo Pillow
Shape Size Price
Square 400mm x 400mm RM69

* We ship out in 4 - 6 working days for all quantities.
**Above prices are exclusive of 6% GST.
Create your personalised photo pillows with us

Take comfort in your memories in a literal sense by turning your digital photos into personalised, plush and ultra-velvety photo pillows. Featuring machine washable covers, hand-stitched seams to create a hidden zipper, and full-bleed printing (printing to the edges), rest assured that your photo pillow will be of the highest quality.

At Pixajoy, you’ll also have the ability to choose from our range of carefully crafted, pre-designed templates. From family-themed to travel, florals to quotes, and everyday moments to special occasions, we’ve got a template ready for you for any and all occasions. Plus, the Pixajoy editor makes it super easy for you to create and design your own premium quality photo pillow. All you have to do is insert your favourite picture or text onto the theme you have selected and click submit. In addition, you can even opt to bypass the theme templates and design your own pillows from scratch!

Just imagine having your own personalised photo pillows decorating your bed or sofa. You can even design them as gifts for your loved ones, as part of your car’s interior decoration, as a luxurious pet pillow or even as a unique accessory for your office space; giving you motivating by reminding you about your best moments in life.

Rest assured that the premium quality photo pillows you can create with the Pixajoy editor will bring you down memory lane and help you deepen your personal connections with friends, family and loved ones!

Can’t decide on a single picture? Well, why not create a photo collage or photo grid of your favourite moments and display them on your photo pillow. You can go online and pull photos from your social media accounts to create the ultimate throwback collage or opt for something a little more minimalist. The choice is yours. So what are you waiting for? Preserve your most cherished memories with us now and embrace your joy.