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A cup full of good times!
Make drinking a happy process with a Personalised Photo Mug!
Available Mugs
*Availability of mugs are subject to availability. While stocks last.
New In Towns
A Timeless Classic

Here’s a throwback to those nostalgic memories of sipping coffee at a ‘Mom and Pops Coffee Shop’.

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Sip in Style!

Fitting perfectly in your hands, make your morning cuppa extra special with our ultra-stylish & fully personalisable 12 oz Latte Mug.

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Super Personalisable

Make your mugs easily identifiable
with your greatest moments!

Everyday Magic

Watch your mug change colours
whenever you have hot water in it!

*Only for Magic Mug.

Fast & Safe Delivery

Fully protected by foam in the gift box, your mug
will reach you, wherever you are, safe and sound.

Door Gift


Stationery Holder

Details & Pricing

Photo Mug Capacity Price
White 11 oz. RM40
Blue / Pink (Inside Only) RM45
Magic RM55
Latte 12 oz. RM59
Enamel RM99

Shipping Fees
West Malaysia East Malaysia Singapore
Starts from RM8 Starts from RM12 Starts from RM28
Combined shipping is available and charged according to total weight.
*We ship out in 4 - 6 working days for all quantities.

**Above prices are exclusive of 6% GST.