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An anchor for your precious moments

Have you heard that touch makes an item more precious?
Double that wonderful feeling by having a precious memory made into something physical.
It’s small and hardy, making it the perfect choice as a long-lasting way to preserve a moment.
*Availability of shapes are subject to availability. While stocks last.
Feature Highlights

Premium Keepsake Box
This special keepsake box amplifies how special this keychain is, while protecting your keychain from damage and making your keychain look like a luxury product.

Highly Personalisable
Create a keychain that you can identify with by having your favourite picture printed onto it and a shape of your choice.

Protected Photo Print
The photo printed on the keychain is laminated to enhance its beauty with metallic glittery flecks while also making it water and dust resistant.

Metallic Beauty
The keychain is made out of metal, making it very durable for everyday wear and tear.

Quick Completion & Delivery
Upload, edit and submit your photo, then wait for it to arrive at your doorstep! It’s that easy!

Photo Keychain Uses
Door Gift
Pet Collar
Key Accessory
Bag Accessory

Pricing Details
Photo Keychain Price
Shape Picture Size
Heart 25mm x 25mm RM15
Rectangle 27mm x 20mm
Circle 30mm x 30mm
Oval 34mm x 20mm
Diamond 29mm x 27mm
Oblong 39mm x 17mm
Square Round 25mm x 24mm

* We ship out in 3 - 5 working days for all quantities.
**Above prices are exclusive of 6% GST.

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