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Debossed Hardcover
Photo Book

Featuring a debossed window to showcase your favourite moment, this photo book is a timeless classic that was made to be shared for many years to come.

Debossed Hardcover Photo Book

Debossed Hardcover Photo Book

Featuring a debossed window to showcase your favourite moment, this photo book is a timeless classic that was made to be shared for many years to come.



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Why Debossed

debossed layflat

Flush Mount Debossed

Experience the best of both worlds by combining the seamless, 180° view of a Flush Mount spread with the sophistication of a textured, debossed cover. Offering a timeless and classic look , highlight your favourite moment on the front window and relive your most treasured memories in style.

Uniqueness With Debossed Hardcover

Perfect for those who want to stretch their creative capabilities, the debossed window offers flexibility to feature your unique choice of photo on the debossed window of the cover to add a little bit of your personal touch.

Uniqueness With Debossed Hardcover
Array of Cover Material

Array of Cover Material

The Debossed Hardcover Photo Books comes in a variety of cover materials, ranging from Buckram to Texturised Silk, and a wide range of colours which you can choose from based on your liking.

Complete With Lamination

Comes with nice finish in sophisticated matte or gloss for an elegant view of the cover from the outside.

Complete With Lamination

Explore The Size & Format Range

Create In 3 Easy Steps

Choose Your Theme and Book Type

1) Choose Your Theme & Book Type

Select from an array of professionally-designed theme templates and the paper option you wish to print your cards. Alternatively, you can create your own template too.

Design Your Book

2) Design Your Book

Everyone can be a designer. All you have to do is:
*Add text and upload your photo
*Personalise it to your preference

Order and Enjoy

3) Order & Enjoy

Once you're satisfied with the work, just order your book, sit back and relax while your books arrive within 7 working days.

Cover Materials

Top Pick Linen-Maroon

Linen Maroon


Linen Silver

Linen Coffee

Linen Coffee

Black Pearl

Black Pearl

Leather Silver

Leather Silver

Your Memories Debossed

The Finishing Touch

Complement your Debossed Photo Book with a beautiful custom slip case. Tailored to fit your Photo Book, it features a similar design to your photo book cover and provides an extra layer of protection against the elements.

  • Matching color as your Photo Book's cover
  • Slide-in motion
  • Made with thick board for a solid storage
Debossed Hardcover Slipcase

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100% Quality Guarantee
100% Quality Guarantee

Using high quality materials that have undergone rigorous testing and are ethically sourced, we seek to provide you with heirloom quality products that are made to last a lifetime

Excellent Customer Service
Excellent Customer Service

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Preserve your memories today with Debossed Hardcover Photo Books.

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Create your personalised memories with us

There are moments that fleet away before our eyes, but the memories are worth cherishing for a lifetime. Getting your fun, magical and valuable moments captured on camera, lovingly printing them out and going through the motions of flipping through pages upon pages of precious memories is the best feeling we could ever have.

With that said, come and create your own personalised Photobooks with Pixajoy. With the ability to add messages and scrapbooking items alongside your photos, we’ll help you turn your digital photos into an heirloom quality photo book that you can pass down for generations to come.

Preserve all your memories of family and friends, festival gatherings, pictures from your travels, your child’s milestones or special days with your loved ones. You can easily start creating your photo book just by selecting your favourite theme from our sensational pre-designed template collections and uploading your pictures directly from your gallery, Flickr or Facebook.

To ease your process of creating a one of a kind photo book, our Pixajoy editor tool also comes with several helpful options such as preview, redo, save, layout and some other necessary tools that you need to add some personal touch to your photo collections. We also offer several options in terms of paper; from our ‘Everyday paper’ that features gloss or matte lamination to Premium Linen and finally onto our elegant and premium Photo Lustre paper, your choice of paper can help enhance your overall photo book appearance.

In addition, we also have hardcover and softcover photo books for you to choose from as well as a hardcover, slipcase as a special accessory. It is quick, simple and easy! If you’re a fan of turning your online photos into Photogrids or picture collages look no further. You’ll be able to do that more meaningfully on the Pixajoy editor. Remember, we’re here to help you preserve and share the joy of your memories!