Feature Highlights
Fully Personalised Photo Mug
  • Editable with pre-designed templates by inserting your preferable texts and photos.
3 Choices Of Color
  • The white color stands for simple and elegant which represent kindness.
  • BFF is known as long relationship and blue is the color which best illustrates as loyal and trustworthy.
  • The pink color is symbolise as charming and it suitable for your cute friends.
Surprise For Gift Receiver
  • After the pouring the hot water, receiver may witness the moment of miracles which the hidden photos will appear.
*This feature is illustrating only for Magic Mug
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Photo Mug
White Ceramic
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Magic Photo Mug
Colour Changing Mug
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2 Pc of Photo Mug
Color (Blue / Pink Inside)
RM 90   [ 63% OFF ]
RM 17.45/Pc
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