The Joikin Parade is where Joikin tribe members from all over the world
come together to showcase their uniqueness and diversity in a parade!
Join the Parade
Join tribe members from all over the world by keying in your secret code.
Showcase your Uniqueness!
Invite friends to join the Joikin Parade and meet fellow tribe members from all over the world.
Don't forget to collect more Joikin for your Parade!
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Joikin Fun Facts
1. It’s a bird, it’s a plane - no! It’s a Joikin!

A Joikin is a creative papercraft bot that can be easily assembled by even by a 3-year old kid.

2. Joikin’s are tiny adventure seeker.

Standing at 90mm tall and weighing 1 gram, the Joikin is perfectly portable and can be taken along on trips.

3. Unique people deserve unique joikins.

Like your fingerprints, each Joikin is one of a kind. Uniquely designed from head to toe - no two Joikins are exactly alike, even if they come from a similar theme. Each Joikin also comes with a unique tribe number (aka serial number) and a secret pass that allows them entry to the Joikin Parade.

4. Looking for the ‘secret pass’?

Your secret pass can be found on the Joikin send-out sheet and on the bottom of your Joikin’s head. Your Joikin’s secret pass and tribe number is NOT the same thing.

5. Find out how to start your collection.

  • Receive a Limited Edition Joikin in a random pick with each order made from the 1st to 30th Nov, while stocks last. Pixajoy reserves the right to replace design without prior notice.
  • For items purchased under Photo book/ Home Decor/ Calendar/ Drinkware categories, Joikin giveaway will be based on each quantity bought.
  • For items such as Photo Prints/ Poster/ Postcard/ NameCard/ Photo Keychain/ Joystamp/ Bookmarks/ Invitation Card/ Sticker etc. will be given out based on each order placed.