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Why should I get
this book for my child?

Accomplish two things at once!
Improve your child’s reading ability
while helping them prepare for their first day of school.

The first day at kindergarten can be scary
for children, "My First Day at School"
shows children that the first day can be fun and exciting
as they learn new things and make friends.

Personalisation Options:

Choose a Boy or Girl
main character

Place 3 pictures of
your kid in the book

Name the main character,
their best friend
& their teacher

Give a name to
the school

Curious About The Book?

Who Are The People Behind The Book?

About the Author
Brigitte Rozario is a journalist and author based in Malaysia. Her children's book series, The Adventures of Beebo & Friends, was launched in 2013 and features five titles.

Visit to find out more about Beebo & Friends.

About the Illustrator
Tan Vay Fern is an illustrator with over 20 published children's books. With a background in computer science, she diversified into digital art, culminating in more vivid and expressive illustrations. She also helped illustrate our “Mission To The Moon” Personalised Children’s Book.

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