New to Pixajoy Photo Books?

Newbie Voucher
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How do I redeem my Prepaid Voucher?

It's simple, don't worry! - After you have purchased the prepaid voucher, it would be best to sign up for a Pixajoy Account. It's Free and you can sign up here.

Your prepaid voucher is flexible. You can increase the number of pages, change the book size, upgrade the cover material (for Ruff 'n' Tuff Debossed Hardcover & Window Die-Cut Hardcover), add on Slip Case, etc.

Just select what you like when creating your book project. If the selected book amounts to more than the prepaid voucher value, you just need to pay the difference when submitting your order.

And during Payment Method Page, key in your Prepaid Voucher Code in the box provided and click the Apply button that's next to it.

Below you'll find the Steps and making your book and submitting your order using your Prepaid Voucher.

Step 1: Install
Download and install Pixajoy Editor at below:

For added convenience, you can use the Pre-Designed Theme Templates. Download them from here.
Note: Download & install after you have installed Pixajoy Editor.

Step 2: Create project
Launch Pixajoy Editor and update the software to get the latest design items. Click "Create a New Project" and go to "Check for Updates" button at the bottom screen.

  Start your project
  For blank project
  Click at “Create a New Project”

  For using Pre-Design Theme Templates
  Click “Open an Existing Project”

Step 3: Design your book
Before start designing your pages, kindly read below tutorial to avoid the design mistake.
User guide:
How to layout your photo safely:

By default the software will come with 20 pages. Kindly click at Page > Add to increase the pages.

Step 4: Order & Payment

Order Details

  Select paper material:
  At cover, click
  “Change” to select cover
  option for Gloss/Matte
  Lamination.For Ruff &
  Tuff Debossed
  Window Die-Cut
  Hardcover, choose the
  cover material you

  At content paper   selection, choose Art
  Paper 150gsm or Art
  Paper 150gsm with
  Protective Gloss/Matte
  lamination or upgrade to
  Linen Paper 240gsm.

Shipping /Billing Details

  Shipping address:
  Click change at shipping
  address column to edit
  your desire destination

  For shipping method,
  stay with the default
  standard delivery option.

Step 5: Upload Files
After submitting order, return to Pixajoy Editor. You will see a prompt window as below. You can choose “Upload Order”, “Speed Test”, “Send Order via Mail”.

Step 6: Receive Book
Once printed, your book will be couriered to your home or office. You should receive your book in 6 – 7 working days, from the date & time files are uploaded.