Top Frequently Asked Question

Before contact our customer support, please check this FAQs to find a fast response for your inquiry.

i) How do I purchase promotion vouchers?
Please refer to our tutorial here.

ii) I have purchased the New Signup Member offer. Where is my Voucher Code?
Your voucher details can be checked at My eVouchers.

iii) How do I start creating my project?
Please go to Tips & Tricks and refer to a User Guide to start creating your project.
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2. How to use Fox Editor?
Please refer to our tutorial here.

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3. How do I extend the date of my expired voucher?

Step 1: Go to My eVouchers and Sign In
Step 2: Key in your Voucher Code in the column provided and click the "Go" button.
Step 3: Choose one of the Extend Voucher methods and add the voucher to "Checklist".
Step 4: Choose the Options and Payment Method in Checklist.
Step 5: Click "Extend Now" to make your payment.
Step 6: Your voucher expiry date has been extended.

For more details and information, please refer to our Voucher Extension Information page.
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4. Mini Photo Book (Mini Softcover 6” x 6” / Mini Layflat Lite Hardcover 5.7” x 4.2”) Redemption.
I) What is the shipping fee for Mini Photo Books and how do I pay the shipping fee?
i) RM8 to West Malaysia
ii) RM12 to East Malaysia
iii) RM24 to Singapore

Shipping fees can also be calculated using our Delivery Calculator and will be directly paid to us online via credit card, online banking or Paypal before submitting your order files.

II) Can I combine 2 or more Mini Photo Book orders into one shipment? (Combined Shipping)
Yes, all orders placed in same day will be shipped together or upon request. However, you will still be required to pay shipping fee per book due to special arrangements.

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5. I successfully made the payment to purchase the promotion voucher(s) but did not receive my voucher code(s).
It is likely that the order was not captured by our system. Kindly email us at
with your bank transaction or payment confirmation slip so that we may help you check.
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6. Uploading seems to be very slow, is there any other way to send my order file? (For Pixajoy Offline Editor)
Yes, kindly click “Open Existing Projects” > one (1) click to select project name only (don't double-click) > click “Send files” (button at the bottom) > Accept “Disclaimer” > Start > "Send Order Via Mail" to save your project files and follow this tutorial to upload.
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7. What is the meaning of the Status in “My Orders”?

I. Waiting For File
Your project file(s) have not been uploaded yet.
  • Offline Pixajoy Editor
    Kindly follow the tutorial here to send us the order files.

  • Online Pixajoy Editor
    Please allow the editor 15 minutes to upload your order files.
    You can check your status again after that.

  • Pixajoy Photo Book Mobile App
    Open the Pixajoy Photo Book Mobile App > Click on the top left of “Pixajoy Photo Book” >Click "My Order" > click “Upload Artwork” to upload your order file.
II. Upload Complete
You've successfully uploaded your project files to our server. It is in queue for our file checking process.
III. On Hold
It's likely “shipping fees not yet paid” or “artwork issue”. Please contact our Customer Service Helpline at 04-4426650 or email to for further assistance.
IV. Ready To Print
Your order is in printing. Any amendment on your order at this step is not allowed.
V. Shipped
Your parcel has been shipped. You can track your parcel delivery at My Orders by clicking on the Consignment Number.
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8. I’ve forgotten my password. What can I do?

You can reset your password here and a temporary password will be sent to your email.
* Please check your Spam/Junk folder if you do not see the email in your Inbox.
Note: Username and password is case-sensitive.
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9. How can I change the type or the size of my photo book?
To change the product type or size, please click the “Change Product” Button.

i) Offline Pixajoy Editor

ii) Online Pixajoy Editor

Note: If your project doesn’t show the “Change Product” button, it is likely that your project was created under a different category (Hardcover and Softcover, Professional Series, Mini Photo Book). In that case, you’re required to redo the whole project.

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10. Can I transfer the project files from one PC to another PC?

Yes, please refer this tutorial to transfer your project.
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11. How can I add-on content pages in a Pixajoy Editor?
Offline Pixajoy Editor: At the top menu, click “Page” > “Add” to add pages.
Online Pixajoy Editor:
Step 1: Click “Page Option
Step 2: Click “Insert Page
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12. I still have not received my parcel, how can I check with the courier service company?

Kindly contact the Courier Service company and provide them with your consignment number. Your consignment number can be checked by going to Sign In > My Account > My Orders.
I. Skynet
II. GDex
III. Post Express / Flexipack
IV. DHL Express
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13. I have a Prepaid e-Voucher, so why am I being charged an extra RM5 or RM8?
By default, the content paper in the ordering page is Art Paper 150gsm with Protective Gloss Lamination.
Please check your eVoucher details and select the correct paper type by clicking the “Change” button at
content paper option in Order Details page.

Note: The characteristics of paper and lamination can be referred here.
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14. Why was I unable connect to the server? What can I do?

This usually happens when the internet connection that is being used has reached the limit. Here's a checklist to to identify the computer settings:-

I. 1) Company PC: Maybe caused by company setting your proxy to block some services.
Solution :  Change to another network to connect to the Internet.

II. PC firewall or Antivirus ON service
Solution : Temporarily turn OFF the PC firewall or antivirus.

III. Company Laptop: Maybe caused by network proxy setting (company blocking some services)
Solution :  Change to another network to connect to the Internet and not use your company VPN.

IV. Use a direct connection on your laptop / PC such as 3G, 4G or connect to broadband modem.
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15. What do the error messages mean in Pixajoy Editor?
I. Low Quality Picture:
i) Low Quality Picture Usually happens when the Picture Box size is bigger than the maximum picture print size. Please resize the Picture Box until the warning message disappears.
If you insist to proceed with the low quality warning picture, kindly refer to this link on how to create proofs here. The print out quality is acceptable if the photo is not blurred in the proof files.
II. Missing Picture:
This warning indicates that you have unplugged your pen-drive/external hard disk or removed the picture folder in your computer. To find the missing picture, please refer here .
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16. What is the solution for the critical error when opening my existing project?
i) Critical Error (Unflatten Text)

There’s a possibility your saved project may be damaged. Please refer here to retrieve your project.
ii) Critical Error (OutOfBoundsException)

Please refer here to resolve this problem.
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