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One of a Kind

The maple veneer allows for the beautiful wood grain to show through your images where normally you would see white or highlights; giving your photos a warm, natural vibe and ensuring that each print is unique.

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Long Lasting

The Wood Prints are covered with a special coating that will ensure that your photos will last a lifetime when kept indoors at normal habitable conditions.

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Easy to Hang Up

The keyhole slots on the back of the Wood Prints makes them easy to hang flush against the wall.

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Details & Pricing

Sizes Pricing
Wood Print (Single) 8” x 8” RM 259
Wood Print (Multi) Start From RM 489
Wood Print (Single) 11” x 14” RM 459
Wood Print (Multi) Start From RM 879

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Distinctive and gorgeous wood grains makes every Personalised Wood Print unique!

If you’re a fan of the bohemian-medditarranean style of decor or if your someone who just likes to be surrounded by nature and greenery, give the Pixajoy personalised wood prints a try. Just as the name would imply, the wood prints are made by printing your photos directly onto the smooth maple veneer of a wood block with a Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) core. The end-to-end full bleed and smooth matte finishing will also ensure that your personalised wood prints would look nothing short of stunning.

What’s great about these wood prints is that they are made from fully recyclable wood materials that are CARB compliant and ethically sourced. A cut above the rest, you’ll be pleased to note that no two wood prints are exactly the same. Due to the natural and distinctive wood grains that can be seen through the lighter parts of your photos, each wood print is truly unique and have been known to last a lifetime if kept indoors at normal and habitable conditions.

Hanging them up is made easier too, as each Pixajoy wood print is designed with keyhole slots that will enable them to lay flush against the walls with minimal gaps. These keyhole slots are pre-drilled on the back of the wood prints, going vertically and horizontally, to accommodate both vertical or landscape orientation.

The wood prints also come in a couple of different sizes and are available in landscape, portrait, and square. And like with all our other products, besides being able to design your wood prints from scratch, we’ve also prepared a range of gorgeous pre-designed templates to help get you started on your new project.