Miracle Baby Poster

Adapted to a 1:1 scale of your baby’s actual size, preserve the memory of when you first welcomed your child into the world with the unique and timeless Miracle Baby Poster.

Imagewrap Hardcover Photo Book

Miracle Baby Poster

Transform any wall into a feature gallery with removable and reusable personalised photo tiles.


Select Your Style

Available in portrait or landscape, customise the illustration designs
you want for your own Miracle Baby Poster.

Full-bleed Imagewrap Hardcover


Full-bleed Imagewrap Hardcover

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What's To Love

Personalised 1:1 Scale Design

Made to measure, the 1:1 scale poster will reflect your baby’s actual size and as there are no two people who are exactly alike, your Miracle Baby Poster will be 100% unique, just like your child!

Full-bleed Imagewrap Hardcover
Premium Photo Lustre Paper

Original Illustrations for Heartwarming Keepsakes

Beautifully illustrated, each unique design made available for the Miracle Baby Poster is hand-drawn by our inhouse artist. This beautiful keepsake will not only look good but it will also serve as a perfect reminder of how small your baby was!

A Beautiful Gift, Meaningfully Displayed.

The Miracle Baby Poster will make for a great gift for new moms and dads to decorate their home. Don’t have a kid of your own? Don’t worry! You can create a Miracle Baby Poster with your own measurements to decorate your walls or gift them to your own parents for a special surprise.

Any Occasion
Premium Photo Lustre Paper

The Ultimate Keepsake

The Miracle Baby Poster is a sweet memento that any parent and child will cherish forever. Plus, it’s a beautiful way to display your baby’s stats without having to break out the birth certificate.

Choose Your Paper Type

Select from our curated range of papers to create your one of a kind, Miracle Baby Poster.

Premium Photo Lustre Paper

Gloss Lamination

Fade, tear and water-resistant, gloss lamination will make your Miracle Baby Poster appear more vivid and shiny.

Premium Photo Lustre Paper

Matte Lamination

Smooth and completely shine-free, matte lamination will make your will give your Miracle Baby Poster a classy and elegant feel.

Premium Photo Lustre Paper

Premium Linen

Exuding an elegant and sophisticated feel, this durable material is resistant to colour fade and features a smooth, subtly embossed texture that is reminiscent to fine linen.

Travel Occasion

Safely & Perfectly Packed

  • Hand packed with great care and dedication.
  • Packaging for keepsake purpose.

Remind yourself of tinier times.

A meaningful addition to any household, create a gorgeous
miracle baby poster to hang in your home or to be given as a special gift!

Create In 3 Easy Steps

Choose Your Theme and Book Type

1) Choose Your Illustration Style

Select your preferred illustration style for your Miracle Baby Poster.

Design Your Book

2) Design Your Product

Everyone can be a designer. All you have to do is:
Fill in the online datasheet

Order and Enjoy

3) Order & Enjoy

Once you're satisfied with the work, just order your photo tiles, sit back and relax while your photo tiles arrive within 7 working days

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100% Quality Guarantee
100% Quality Guarantee

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Excellent Customer Service

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Relieve and preserve the first moment you
welcomed your baby into your life by creating
your own timeless and unique Miracle Baby Poster.

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Baby Footer

Relieve and preserve the first moment you
welcomed your baby into your life by creating
your own timeless and unique Miracle Baby Poster.

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Create a timeless Personalised Miracle Baby Poster for Your Child

Trying to conceive and the entire pregnancy journey can be just as demanding as it is rewarding. But once your child is born, all of the morning sickness, mood swings and swollen feet seem to have been worth it as you meet your precious child - your little miracle - for the first time. The momentous feeling of wonder, love, relief, and joy is simply overwhelming and mothers - regardless if it’s their first baby or the fifth, want nothing more than to find a way to beautifully preserve that special and miraculous moment. This is where the Miracle Baby Poster comes in.

Professionally illustrated and designed to adapt to a 1:1 scale of your baby's natural length and proportions at birth, the Miracle Baby Poster is the best gift you can get for new moms and newborns. Timeless, unique and easy to personalise, you can choose from a number of illustrations styles and backgrounds to create a personalised Miracle Baby Poster that suits your fancy. In order to create a Miracle Baby Poster for yourself, all you need to do is select your preferred design and input your baby's particulars online - like their name, date of birth, length and weight during their birth. Once you're satisfied with the preview, simply click order and wait for the poster to be delivered to your doorstep.

Rest assured that each miracle baby poster illustration that leaves our facilities has been made to measure - ensuring that each one is unique as no two people are the same - even if those two people happen to be twins!

If you don't have a baby of your own, no worries. You can even create a Miracle Baby Poster using your own measurements at birth to create a unique keepsake. Additionally, the Miracle Baby Poster also makes for a meaningful and heartfelt gift. So if your friends or family members are expecting, they'll surely appreciate receiving a gift that can remind them of the first moment they laid eyes on their child.