My voucher code is showing up as ‘Code Not Valid’

Please see the checklist below:

1. Check whether you are using the correct website to create your project. (Be sure to create the project from the specific site that has been provided for your country of residence)

2. Copy and paste the code into the voucher field as sometimes “zero’s” and “O’s” can be misinterpreted.

3. Make sure that the voucher code hasn’t expired yet.

4. Check if you are creating the right product and specification

5. Make sure that you didn’t type in blank spaces before and after the voucher code.

6. Make sure that the voucher code is applicable for correspondence platform.

If your voucher code become invalid after payment failed, kindly contact customer service at Live Chat to re-activate your voucher code.

What are the terms and conditions of your vouchers?

These are the Universal Terms & Conditions for all of our vouchers:

1. The Voucher codes are only applicable for the specific value and product range that was stated. The Voucher code value cannot be used for shipping fees, and other handling fees.
2. The Voucher codes can only be utilised once, per order unless stated otherwise.
5. The Voucher codes cannot be combined with any other coupons, offers, discounts or promotions.
6. The voucher does not qualify for volume discounts.
7. The voucher is not redeemable for cash, and is NOT for resale.
8. No offer substitutions or transfer of rights is allowed.
9. Vouchers that have been purchased are not refundable or exchangeable for other promotional packages.
10. Additional shipping charges may apply for any add ons or upgrades such as product size and type, extra pages, paper upgrades and accessories.

Note: For more details information for the Terms and Conditions of the promotion, please refer to the related promotion.