Why the New Sign Up FREE photo book requires extra payment during order submission?

The additional or extra charges could be due to multiple factors such as:

  1. Additional pages: Default pages for Mini Softcover is set as 48 pages while your FREE voucher entitles for 36 pages. You are required to manually delete 12 pages in your project to avoid additional upgrade fees.
  2. Cover Option: Make sure the cover type is softcover as per voucher entitles.
  3. Creating a product with different product specifications from your voucher
  4. Shipping fee: Shipping Fee is excluded. May refer shipping fee at https://www.pixajoy.com.my/Delivery

You may check your purchase voucher specification and change it to the correct one.

My voucher code is showing up as ‘Code Not Valid’

Please see the checklist below:

1. Check whether you are using the correct website to create your project. (Be sure to create the project from the specific site that has been provided for your country of residence)

2. Copy and paste the code into the voucher field as sometimes “zero’s” and “O’s” can be misinterpreted.

3. Make sure that the voucher code hasn’t expired yet.

4. Check if you are creating the right product and specification

5. Make sure that you didn’t type in blank spaces before and after the voucher code.

6. Make sure that the voucher code is applicable for correspondence platform.

If your voucher code become invalid after payment failed, kindly contact customer service at Live Chat to re-activate your voucher code.

What happens if I get warning triangles with the ‘low quality message’?

The warning triangle is a low image resolution warning. If this warning is visible on any of your pictures, it means that the pictures may come out blurry or pixelated when printed.

We highly recommend that you use a higher resolution image (300 dpi is the optimal resolution) or you can reduce the size of the picture box to make the image appear sharper.

If you would still like to use the lower resolution image, you can still proceed to submit the order.