Why my shopping cart show “Payment In Progress” time countdown and I can’t proceed to make payment?

Keep calm and relax! This is caused by payment fail or payment cancel by users before it is captured into the system. Kindly please stay calm and please wait until the 15 minutes time countdown end at the shopping cart.

Once the Payment in Process time is over, kindly please let it rest awhile and refresh your Cart page, and try to submit your project again.

What if I’m having problems using Paypal?

Please check to see if your card has any available funds and/or if the card details and billing address has been keyed in correctly.

Another reason could be that there is a restriction imposed by the issuing bank or if your destination country and billing country differs. Further information can be found in PayPal’s Help Center.

You can also contact PayPal’s support department by email or phone.

How secure is your credit card facilities?

Pixajoy uses iPay88 as our appointed secure payment gateway and PayPal to process your payments. Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault, and the little ‘padlock’ icon on your browser confirms this.

At no time will your credit card information be stored on our servers. You can view Payment Security policy (Privacy Policy – Clause #3).