Do you proofread my order before it is sent to print?

We’re not authorized to proofread, change, or edit any of your project contents. We highly encourage users to fully customise their projects and we don’t want to interfere with/disrupt the design intentions/process of our customers. That in mind, please do check over your projects thoroughly so that you know exactly how your project will look when it’s printed.

What is meant by the status of the order as below?

In the process of making your order, it will go through a series of stages. Here’s a quick guide to easily check your the order statuses:

I) Waiting For File

Your project files have not been uploaded yet. Please follow the steps as below to upload your order files.

– Pixajoy Offline Editor
i) Launch your Pixajoy Editor
ii) Click ‘Open Existing Project’
iii) Select your project and click ‘Upload Order’ to submit the order files.

– Pixajoy Mobile Apps
i) Launch the Pixajoy Photo Book Mobile App
ii) Click ‘Account’ on the bottom menu
iii) Proceed by clicking ‘My Order’
iv) click “Upload Artwork” to upload your order file.

II) Upload Complete

You have successfully uploaded your files onto our server. It is now queued in for the file printing process. You will not be able to make any amendment to your order(s) at this point.

III) On Hold

This is most likely to occur when the shipping fees have not yet been paid or other issues. Kindly contact our customer service helpline or email us for further assistance.

IV) Ready To Print

Your order is in the printing process.

V) Shipped

Order has been scheduled for delivery. You can track your parcel delivery by logging into your account and checking the status of delivery under ‘My Orders’.

Can I duplicate the same project from my project?

Online Editor:
Go to My Project> Online Photobook Project>Online Project. One click on the project you wish to duplicate and click duplicate button.

Mobile apps:
Go to My project > One click on the project you wish to duplicate and click duplicate button.

Offline Editor:
Launched your offline editor > Open existing Project> One click on the project you wish to duplicate and click duplicate button.

Why is my order being charged an additional amount?

The additional or extra charges could be due to multiple factors such as:
Additional pages, accessories, creating a product with different product specifications from your voucher and shipping fees.
You may check your purchase voucher specification and change it as accordingly.
For items which offer accessories, please click on “change” button to choose the option which best suit you. No accesorry is also one of the options.