Can I have my product order shipped to an overseas recipient?

Yes, you can ship orders to other countries, but you will have to do so by designing the project and registering an account through the country website and software for that specific country. Currency will be based on the destination country and not your local currency. Select another country website and view the prices there.

Please access to

My voucher code is showing up as ‘Code Not Valid’

Please see the checklist below:

1. Check whether you are using the correct website to create your project. (Be sure to create the project from the specific site that has been provided for your country of residence)

2. Copy and paste the code into the voucher field as sometimes “zero’s” and “O’s” can be misinterpreted.

3. Make sure that the voucher code hasn’t expired yet.

4. Check if you are creating the right product and specification

5. Make sure that you didn’t type in blank spaces before and after the voucher code.

6. Make sure that the voucher code is applicable for correspondence platform.

If your voucher code become invalid after payment or failed, kindly re- activate before applying in the redemption column.