Stunning & Unique Designs

These unique pieces of bespoke stationery takes the whole concept of notebooks to the next level.

Designed with the utmost care, each template tells a tale that will inspire you to keep writing and recording all the little moments that matter in life.
Exclusive Collectable Series

Utilising the concept of 'omne trium perfectum' (everything that comes in threes is perfect) the deluxe softcover notebook comes in a set of three.

Each series of Each series of designs features three different illustrations on the cover and when combined, forms a unique and meaningful story.

Select from designs such as 'A Note to Herself' & 'Coffee, Tea or Me?' to unravel the story behind the designs.
Seamless writing experience

These stylish rounded-edge softcover notebooks are saddle stitched, which allows them to lay flat across any surface - making it incredibly easy to use for jotting down notes, doodling and scrawling in wayward thoughts.
Top Notch Paper Materials

Containing 64 pages, each notebook features a different paper format that consists of FSC Certified smooth writing paper.

Blanks for freedom of expressions, dotted for a balance between freedom and structure and lined for those who prefer complete structure for writing.

Each page also has a thickness of 90gsm to prevent ink from bleeding through the back of the page.
Create your own Deluxe Notebook

Illustrate your Ideas

Start a Bullet Journal

Structure your thoughts

Freedom to create

The Perfect Add-on
Complimentary Gift Box

Packaged like the precious gift that it is, we'll honour your deluxe notebook by including a chic and minamalistic gift box that will enhance its overall appeal.
Details & Pricing

Type Sizes Pricing
Hardcover A5 RM 129
Softcover A5 RM 89
A6 RM 59

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Never stop writing with the Deluxe Notebooks

Designed to take the concept of the humble notebook to brand new level, the deluxe notebook series was meticulously crafted using high quality, ethically sourced materials and FSC Certified notebook paper.

Poetic, imaginative, whimsical and dream-like, discover the hidden stories behind each exclusive notebook designs in the deluxe notebook range. From the playful designs of ‘Note to Herself’ to the contemporary stylings of ‘Ways to Life’, and the appealing graphics of ‘Coffee, Tea or Me?’, choose the design that best fits your personal aesthetic. You can even personalise your notebooks by inscribing your names on the front cover or by adding your favourite quotes, images, text or other creative elements into the customisable inner pages.

Available in both hard and softcover, the deluxe hardcover notebook contains 180 pages and features a bronze wire-o biding - giving it the ability to be folded in half to save space when writing.

The deluxe softcover notebook is sold in sets of threes with each book containing 64 pages and utilises the saddle stitch biding technique which allows for it to lay flat across surfaces for ease of writing.

The deluxe notebook series also comes with three different paper formats which are inclusive of blank pages, dotted pages and lined pages. Enjoy total and complete freedom with blank pages, or experience the balance between freedom and structure with dotted pages. For those who prefer complete structure for writing and jotting down notes, lined pages are the way to go. When it comes to paper quality, rest assured that each page has a thickness of 90 gsm that prevents ink from bleeding through the back - making it perfect for journaling, note-taking, writing and mind-mapping.