The Chosen Ones

Yay yippee! Congratulations! Your super creative talents have won you a photo book. Cheers to your win.

Stay creative and may you continue to inspire the world around you.

  January 2011  
Winner 1 - I-May Yeo
Winner 2 - Andy Hopkins
  Iban Wedding Ceremony
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
Not only does your book showcase a fun and creative story, it is also very well thought out with a lot of care & love. Simply inspiring!
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
You have created a very tasteful book with beautiful wordings that touch the heart. Simply lovely!
  February 2011  
Winner 1 - Wan Mohd Fadzli
  Palie Massa
Winner 2 - Sifu See
  Pintar Jaya
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
A captivating portfolio that we can't help but fall in love with.
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
You have showed how versatile photo books are. Either as precious memory books or professional company profiles, they suit our needs perfectly.
  March 2011  
Winner 1 - Peiyiik Wang
Winner 2 - Stephanie Wee
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
Infotainment in a book! We thoroughly enjoyed your Arabian Escapade through your fun & artistic photos and narrative of Arab Street. Pixajoy visitors will enjoy viewing your book just as much.
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
Your book is a poignant cultural, historical & geographical journal. Your photojournalistic style is breathtaking and inspiring! Kudos for creating a book ala National Geographic.
  April 2011  
Winner 1 - Wan Hanafi Abd Rahman
  Manasek Hajj 2
Winner 2 - Joann M
  Happy Family
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
You have captured such a beautiful spiritual journey and composed it so exquisitely!
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
It's wonderful how you've shown that even if it's just a simple day out with the family, it becomes so special and the memories are worth preserving.
  May 2011  
Winner 1 - Xandria Soong
  Jeleven & Evangeline
Winner 2 - Angeline Tu
  Team Building Secured Lending 2011
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
A simple yet heart-warming love story narrated beautifully using a photo book.
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
Business and pleasure can surely mix! Your fun-at-work photo book illustrates this perfectly.
  June 2011  
Winner 1 - Atrica Soo
  Baby Jordan
Winner 2 - Ling Hie King
  Parent's Day
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
A sweet and cute photo book. Good use of colour and white space.
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
A heartwarming family story preserved in a photo book, with so much love.
  July 2011  
Winner 1 - Kelvin Teh
  Friends Forever
Winner 2 - Phine
  Happy 27th Birthday
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
What an awesome book and what a doubly awesome idea!! Every friend deserves an epic farewell gift like this. It also reminds us that our school life memories are so worth preserving.
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
A superb birthday gift idea! Sweet memories of growing years, from childhood to adulthood, preserved beautifully.
  August 2011  
Winner 1 - Mohd Hanif Bin Mohd Faizal Din Chan
  Hanif Chan
Winner 2 - Hafizuddin

The Pixajoy Crew Says:
We loved the way you used your photo book as a pictorial diary of your journey as new parents (thus far). Great idea and beautifully done! Congrats!
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
Holidays can be expensive. But traveling with those you cherish is priceless! Well, now you can revisit those memorable places and times through your photo book! Well done!
  September 2011  
Winner 1 - Lynda Chan
  Sweet Memories of Me
Winner 2 - Ivan Chin
  Little Garden
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
Such nostalgia walking dowm memory lane of our own yester-years, which brings a flood of warm memories. Just what a photo book should do!
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
Hobbies are one of life's delights. You have done yourself justice, by compiling your praiseworthy efforts in a lovely, lasting photo book.
  October 2011  
Winner 1 - Stephanie Chong
  Cheers to Your 30th Birthday
Winner 2 - Cheong Su Jen
  Home Sweet Home
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
A photo book designed for a friend's monumental year, makes a perfect birthday gift. Plus, you've created a fun and playful story which your best friend would have definitely loved!
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
Change in all things is sweet, goes the saying. What better way than using a photo book to chronicle the beautiful transformation of your beloved home to something far sweeter.
  November 2011  
Winner 1 - Koh Yick Ling
  Sweet Kindergarten Memories
Winner 2 - Lee Sin Yee
  Ethan's Graduation 2011
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
What a novel idea for a photo book! Happy & cuddly memories of kindergarten years so well-preserved. Just imagine...sharing your child's kindy years to your grandchild. Ahhh...the joy!
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
Graduation is not the end; it's the beginning. A graduation photo book as a gift makes a perfect reminder for the graduate that someone believed in him/her and is cheering him/her to continue succeeding in life.
  December 2011  
Winner 1 - Sathia Seelan
  Ezekiel & Cynthia Uma
Winner 2 - B.S.Chuah & B.H.Koh
  Pearls of Wisdom for Kok Wah & Grace
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication," said Leonardo Da Vinci, the man of many wonders. And for this reason we simply had to select this book; for it's refined simplicity in creative expression.
The Pixajoy Crew Says:
Using a photo book as a reminder to hold & love is definitely awe-inspiring. Also, you can't help but see just how lovingly thought out this gift is and what a perfect legacy it makes. Your children are lucky to have such nurturing parents!

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