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I'm a BIG BOY now!

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Growing Up is Fun !

Encourage your little Boy to do "BIG Boy" things with this adorable new personalized children’s book!

Ages : 3-5 years old

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Book Description
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This adorable personalized children book demonstrates what a young child can do as he grows up to be a good responsible adult. Doing things, such as going on the potty, sleeping in a bed, getting himself dressed, brushing his teeth, trying new foods at dinner time, and more. The book increases self-esteem by encouraging any young child that they CAN DO IT and it emphasizes how great he will feel when he learns to do grown-up things. There is always a time for everything! And the child grows up just right. You can even personalize the dedication page with his photo!

  • Gender and ages : Boys and Girls ages 3-5
  • Book Size : 8" x 8", Square
  • Number of Pages : 28 pages
  • Book Cover : Hardcover / Softcover with Gloss or Matte Lamination
  • Content Paper Quality : Art Paper 150gsm/ with Gloss / Matte Lamination

Features & Highlights

Personalising The Book For
The Child is Fun

Personalise and customise the book with the child's name & photos, give it as present to the child. A feast for the child to be happy seeing the book featuring themselves.

A Variety Of Characters For You To Choose

Choose your prefered races, male or female representing the child you may want to give the book to. Different books featuring different characters. So, it's your choice to choose.

High Glossy / Vintage Matte Lamination (Optional Add-On)

Book's cover come with protective Gloss/ Matte lamination. Content pages are printed on acid-free paper and upgradable to Gloss/ Matte lamination. With this, your book is water and tear resistant.