Pixajoy Thank You Card

Gratitude is the memory of the heart,” said Jean Massieu, (the pioneering Deaf educator who founded a Deaf school in Lille, France – how inspiring!). And we couldn’t agree more.

So, as we enter 2013 we would like to express our gratitude to the bloggers who have so joyfully shared their Pixajoy photo book experience with their blog readers.

A Pacific Ocean full of thanks to each and one of you for spreading the joy via your blogs over these past 2 years (the ones that we’ve bumped into so far; click to have a look-see):


Nuhaa All Bakry

Pn Stoberi’s Blog


Cik Cha

The Ordinary Fairytale

Azura’s World


Hanys Jehari

Asilah Kassim Blog’s

Zuraimah Ismail

Bashful Brides



F. Hilda

Shakina Farhan


Nur Hidayah Isa

Nazifa Mazni

Ann Ilias

Suhaila Saleh

Kaki Berangan

With this we wish you a Joyful & Inspiring 2013!