Which PixaPass Plan is Right For You?

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Facts, Inspiration

It’s a fact that nowadays the built-in camera on some smartphones can be just as good as an actual, full-fledged digital camera. This makes it easier for us to record snapshots of events – such as birthdays, graduations or weddings. Other than special occasions, you can also use the phone camera to take pictures of all the things that make you feel happy. For some, it could be beautifully plated dishes or dazzling desserts; for others, it might be charming landscapes or wonderfully designed architecture. 

In any case, that leaves us with plenty of photos, ready to be printed and transformed into precious keepsakes. For those of you who find yourself frequently returning to our website to create your personalised photo books, prints and other keepsakes, we’ve actually introduced a new membership program called the ‘PixaPass’ that will allow you to enjoy exclusive benefits and make the most out of your money!  

Follow along with this blog as we highlight the features of each of the plans on our website – from the beginner-friendly Micro Pass to the Expert-tier Giga Pass!

What is a PixaPass?

Okay, before we dive into which of the PixaPass plans is the perfect fit for you, here’s a little introduction about the PixaPass itself. The PixaPass is an exclusive paid membership that will allow Pixajoy members to enjoy many exclusive benefits when they shop on the Pixajoy website. Some of those benefits include additional discounts on prepaid deal purchases, free gifts, free express shipping, exclusive birthday surprises and even a voucher worth up to RM 200 to redeem a photo book of your choice. 

There are three passes available – the Micro Pass, the Mega Pass, and the Giga Pass. Depending on which pass you choose to take up, there will be slight (but significant) variances in terms of the benefits. Most notably in the duration of the subscription, the number of Free Express Shipping benefits given and differences in the number of additional discounts percentages. 

Now that you’ve gotten the gist of what the PixaPass entails, let’s take a closer look at why you should get a PixaPass and find the perfect pass plan for you.

Why get a PixaPass?

There are three reasons why you should get a PixaPass:

1. Save More

One of the reasons why we rolled out the PixaPass was to help our members save more, every time they shop with us. With the PixaPass, you not only get to enjoy exclusive discounts on Prepaid deal purchases, but you will also be able to enjoy other money-saving benefits such as freebies, birthday gifts, photo book vouchers and free shipping.  

Those little savings can add up big time, especially if you’re a regular customer and find yourself frequently creating and producing a number of photo book, prints or gifts throughout the year. 

2. Print Your Photos More Often

Another reason to get the PixaPass is that it gives you the motivation to print out your photos more frequently. Be honest with yourself: How many times have you looked at your camera roll and had no idea what is even on there? From images sent and saved to you automatically through WhatsApp groups or Facebook, the temptation to delete everything is almost too strong to bear. Yet, you refuse to just delete your gallery because these junk images are intermixed with actual photos you’d like to keep. 

To give yourself peace of mind (and to ensure that the photos will actually be seen), printing them out is the best solution. Not only will your images suddenly become tangible mementoes, but you can finally clear your gallery! By purchasing any one of the three PixaPass memberships, you’ll be even more motivated to do so as you’ll be able to utilise the exclusive benefits, such as photo book vouchers worth up to RM 200* to claim and create any size/type of photo book you would like. 

3. Explore New Products

Another great thing about getting the PixaPass is that it will also give you a wonderful excuse to be able to explore new products (or simply products that haven’t crossed your minds to try). With the additional discounts made available, you’ll be able to purchase deals at a much cheaper price – including those on products you may not necessarily have considered beforehand due to their price. 

Additionally, the free express shipping benefit can also help to alleviate some of that strain to your financials. As mentioned in our FAQ, you may utilise a number of the Free Express Shipping benefits on any product from every category. This may come in useful – especially if you’ve been eyeing some of the larger sized photo book or home decor products.

Choosing Your Perfect Pass

Small in name but big in savings, the Micro Pass is a 3-months subscription whereby members can utilise PixaPass standards benefits – including 3x FREE no clause Express Shipping, an additional 5% OFF prepaid deals, freebies, a surprise birthday treat and a voucher code worth RM 100 to redeem a larger size photo book of your choice. 

Perfect for those of you who would like to give the PixaPass a test before committing to a longer subscription, the Micro Pass is worth RM 316 but is made available for purchase at a super affordable price of RM 69. 

Deemed to be our best-deal in town, the Mega Pass is a 6-months subscription that’s perfect for those of you who already create personalised photo products – such as photo books, wall art, gifts and photo prints – on a semi-regular or regular basis. Similar to the Micro Pass, those who purchase the Mega Pass will enjoy additional discounts, birthday treats and freebies.  

The main difference is that the Mega Pass also affords members with extra premium benefits – namely, twice the amount of Free Express Shipping (up to 6 times!) as well as a photo book voucher code worth RM 200 to redeem any type or size photo book of your choice. The Mega Pass itself is worth up to RM 530 but members can purchase this robust pass at a mere RM 99.

Fun-Fact: For a limited time only, you can purchase a year-long (12 month) Mega Pass membership with extra benefits boosts – including an extra 5% OFF prepaid deals (making it 10% OFF) and additional 3x Free Express Shipping (totalling the Free Express Shipping benefits to 9 times) for only RM 99. Click here to make your purchase

Our biggest and most extravagant pass, the Giga Pass is a year-long (12 month) subscription that affords members with an exclusive, all-access benefit that allows you to enjoy an additional discount of 12% OFF Prepaid Deal purchases with a 12x Free Express Shipping. Additionally, those who purchase the Giga Pass membership are also entitled to dedicated customer service – a bonus benefit that is not available for the other two passes. What this means is that any issues or inquiries made by Giga Pass holders will be marked as priority and will be attended to swiftly. 

This pass is mostly designed for those of you who are heavy users of our services – namely those of you who are involved in the photography businesses or who independently publish or sell their works as printed merchandise. That’s not to say that a regular user can’t make full use of this pass for their own needs! Valued at a whopping RM 780, you can purchase the Giga Pass at the amazing price of RM 189 – a total steal! 

So in conclusion, the PixaPass is your ticket to getting VIP access on the Pixajoy website. From creating personalised photo books, prints, home decor and more, users who have purchased and subscribed to any one of the PixaPass plans will surely enjoy making full use of all the incredible, money-saving benefits their new PixaPass plan provides. So what are you waiting for? Visit our website and grab your perfect PixaPass plan today!

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