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by | Mar 23, 2020 | Tips and Tricks

Over the past 13 months, the team here at Pixajoy have been hard at work improving our website user experience (and we’re pretty excited to share it with you!). You may have noticed our improved look and feel – offering you a much clearer view and easier navigation. We’ve also added more information to our product pages and included various lifestyle photos so that you can really see yourself owning and creating some of these amazing personalisable products. That’s all well and good, but we have so much more to introduce you to that will help make personalising your photo books, prints and gifts a much more enjoyable and seamless experience. 

Easy Sign-Up Process

Scaling back to the basics, one of the first things we did with the new website design was to make the sign-up/sign-in process almost effortless. With a decently large form field for easy input, you’re now only required to a key in two fields (your email and password) in order to sign up for a Pixajoy account. 

Additionally, if you don’t want to type out your address and password, we’ve also allowed for one-click sign up with either your Google or Facebook account to make the sign-up process easier.

Improved Navigation Features

Mega menus are one of the most common elements in web interface design and are used to guide users to other individual pages. Because mega menus are very common, however, it is easy for them to become boring, overcrowded or monotonous. One of the changes we’ve made to the website was to create a mega menu that is simple, clean and straightforward. 

Placing more focus on what we believe our users would like to achieve when navigating through the menu, we’ve also added a second-level menu that utilises two kinds of design layouts: a plain text layout and layout that features both text and images.

Brand New Dashboard

With the new and improved dashboard, you’ll be able to see all your meaningful and important information in one place. Featuring a consistent format in terms of layout and organisation, you’ll be able to easily navigate through the dashboard tabs (located on the right-hand side) to view everything from your address book and projects to your voucher codes and project orders. 

Simplified Project Flow

For those of you who aren’t aware, when it came to editing your projects using the previous version of our editor, the whole process was (admittedly) rather convoluted. Basically, in order for you to edit your project, you would first need to navigate to the ‘My Projects’ tab and click on ‘Online Photo Book Project’. From there, it will redirect you to a whole new page where you would then have to look for your online projects before clicking ‘Continue Editing’ in order to get to the editor. 

In order to save time and make the process much more streamlined and easy to use, now you can just click ‘My Project’ and edit whichever project you want as we’ve linked them directly to our editor.

Improved Check-Out Experience

To help provide our users with a seamless shopping experience, we’ve also added a brand new address book that will make it easier and faster for users to select their addresses during the check-out stage. Now you can add, manage and store your delivery and billing addresses online with us – thus eliminating the hassle of having to re-type the same address more than once. Additionally, we’ve also linked the address book to google maps to help prevent users from keying in incorrect delivery addresses by accident. 

Later Shopping Made Easy

This cart feature has been a popular request from our customers and now we’re proud to say that ‘yes’, you can now combine your purchases into a singular cart instead of checking each item out, once by one. In order to use the combined cart, simply finish creating your projects and click ‘order’. This action will then add the items into your shopping cart to check out. During the checkout process, you can also make changes to your project specs, view your cart summary, apply voucher codes and even change your delivery address.

Change Product Specs From Cart

When it comes to photo books, you can now make changes to the cover material, cover colour, paper material, and even order additional copies of one project directly from the shopping cart. Working on a debossed photo book? Change the colour of your photo book cover to match your cover photo with ease. Unsure if a texturised metallic cover material is what you want? Swap it out for any of the other cover materials available – like Buckram or Tinsel shine. Want to order a second copy for your friends or family? Simply click the ‘+’ button beside your project and that’s it! 

New Photo Prints Editor

For those of you who are eager to turn your Instagram snaps into full-fledged photo prints, you might have noticed that there’s been a pretty big change to our photo prints editor. In order to help streamline the uploading process and easily get you started on printing out your moments, we’ve simplified the uploader to allow you to drag-and-drop your photos directly into the file upload window. All you have to do is select your preferred photo print sizes, click ‘Create Now’ and start dragging and dropping your images from your file folder directly into the upload window. 

Additionally, we’ve also made it easier for you to make multiple copies of one photo! All you have to do is select the photo you want to make multiple copies of, navigate to the left sidebar where you’ll see a drop-down menu for quantity and simply select the number of prints you’d like of that particular photo. 

Pretty easy and convenient right? 

Wall Art Made Easy

Who doesn’t love good wall art? They’re great for dressing up a boring wall and filling your home with moments that will never fail to make you smile. That being said, we believe that wall art plays an important role in helping to tie a room together. That is why we spent some effort to further improve the wall art editor in order to give you a smoother and more convenient user experience! 

If you’ve made wall art with us before, then you’d remember that you would need to create individual projects for each wall art print that you wanted to make. For example, let’s say you wanted to create wall art that consisted of a set of four images or illustrations. In order to do so, you would need to create four individual projects – one for each image or illustration you wanted to print. 

In the new editor, we’ve simplified the process and made it more convenient to use by allowing you to create your chosen set of wall art (set of 2, 4 or more) in one project window!

Help Is Just A  Button Press Away

A little something extra we added onto the new website is a brand new and easily accessible help page. Created to offer immediate answers about some of the website features (including sections dedicated to vouchers, ordering and payment methods), the help page also addresses the top 10 frequently asked questions (FAQs) from our community. 

The answers offered are suitably succinct yet comprehensive and are inclusive of step by step tutorials and pictorials (picture tutorials) to help users solve any issue they might face. Of course, should you encounter an issue that’s not listed in our help page, do feel free to contact us

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