What to Do with Your Wedding Photos: 4 Creative Ideas

by | Jul 31, 2021 | How To, Tips and Tricks

Wedding photography is one of the biggest investments couples do to capture their wedding moments and cherish them for a lifetime. It’s likely the first or few times you’ll not only have professional photos taken of you but also the photos of your close ones, favorite people, and friends celebrating your big day!

But unfortunately, after the initial excitement of receiving the photos, many couples tend to share those beautiful photos on social media or just store them on their computer or USB that end up living there and never see the light of the day.

If you’re one of them and wondering what to do with your wedding photos, read on this blog for some inspirations that’ll bring your wedding moments to life.

Create a Stunning Photo Book 

I think everyone can agree that the wedding day is the most important event in someone’s life and worth cherishing for a lifetime. Living in this digital era, sharing your big day photos across social media like Facebook, Instagram, and so on is quite fun and trendy. But what’s a better way to record those unforgettable moments than by capturing them in a stunning wedding photo book?

Yes, we agree, social media has changed so much about the way we communicate and share experiences, and weddings are no exception. From posting the most beautiful photos of you and your significant other to create customised hashtags and share your moments with friends- they’re pretty awesome. But when it comes to storing all those precious moments for years to come, relying on a U.S.B memory stick or social media is not a good idea as it can be devastating if you’ll need to deactivate your accounts or computer or laptop crashes.

By turning those photos into a gorgeous photo book, the mood and story of your wedding day can be captured beautifully that’ll help you to relive them and cherish them for years to come.

Turn Into Beautiful Photo Frames

Not a fan of photo books? Why not bring life to your wedding moments with frame prints?

Framed wedding photos add the perfect personalised touch to nearly any wall of your home, from an entryway gallery wall to a photo hanging over the master bed.

They’re not only an amazing reminder of your big day that puts a smile on your face every time you pass by. but also excellent home decor’s that’ll liven up your home. (What’s a home without your story)

Whether you want your wedding photos to be in classic-styled framed prints or a gallery-like mounted frames, they are sure to be an awesome way to relive your memories.

Stylish Photo Poster

If you’re one of those living in a flat or apartment and prefer a clean look for the highlight of your big day, creating a personalised poster will work the magic.

A personalised poster with ultra-lightweight paper material can be a stylish and creative way to show off your wedding moments. With designs and colourful templates together with your photo, they’ll add pop colours to your home effortlessly.

Also, you’ll not have to worry about putting a lot of nails on the walls of your home as these unique posters are easy to be attached to any clean vertical surface of your choosing.

Unique Photo Puzzle

 For fun-loving couples, who would like to add a twist in showing the highlight of their wedding day, utilising pieces of a personalised photo puzzle can be a unique and creative way to go.

From the collage of your wedding moments to short and sweet messages with your favourite photo of the day, they’ll look stylish and perfect to be a home decor or even office decor that’ll remind you of those precious moments.

In addition, the act of putting together the puzzle pieces can also serve as a bonding moment between the newlyweds, and once done, the completed puzzle can be put up on display around the couple’s new home. 

And that concludes the top 4 things you can do with your wedding photos. So if you’re looking for some creative alternatives, these4items are just some of the options that you can opt for. If you’d like to explore more personalised photo products, feel free to visit our website to check out more cool and customisable items at affordable prices. 

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