You’ll never understand the function of photo book until you experience this.


When your children are toddlers,

Taking care of them is hectic and challenging. You won’t know when’ll they cry, when’ll they pee & poo, when’ll they feel hungry…

You’re awakened by their crying sound in the middle of the night. No matter how tired you are, you’ll have to feed them & change smelly diapers. Nonetheless, you’re bewildered when they’re sick and crying in pain.

All these things are a massive headache. We can’t deny frustration doesn’t occur at all.


When your children go to kindergarten ,

They finally become a little independent and go along well with friends. It’s good to see they start to have their own opinions, but it’s also sad to see that they no longer accept everything you do. The idea of your own baby growing up makes you sad.

Is it because you fear that they’re slowing leaving you?


When your children go to school,

Friendships getting stronger. They believe in friends more than you. Instead of telling you their days and nights, they tell everything to their friends. Most of the time, they shut themselves in the room. Less conversation but more misunderstandings, disagreements, and quarrels.


When your children go to university,

You’ve to bear with loneliness and wait for phone call every day from them miles away.

The house becomes quieter. You feel so empty whenever you pass by the empty room.

Words can’t describe when they say, “I’m coming home this week”. You buy a lot of ingredients to prepare delicious meals for them, but it breaks your heart when they say they’re going to have dinner with friends.


When your children step into marriage life,

They have their own family, home, and life. They will come back home only once or twice in a month.

Yes, it all has become easy, but you wish to take care of them again. You miss the days when they cling to you, hold your hand, hug you tight, play with you, tell you what happens in school… Miss when they’re little.


You can’t turn back time, but photo book can be your time machine. 


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