In this tutorial you will learn how to use Auto Fill feature to speed up the design process for card printing in Pixajoy Online Lite Editor.

Target products: StoryTag Cards and Playing Cards.
Recommended Internet Browser: Mozilla Firefox. Get it here.

Step 1: Prepare pictures
Usually card printing size is small, we recommend put one picture only for each card. Before start your project, please make sure the number of cards in your purchase voucher.  Base on card quantity, select the pictures you wish to print on card.

For example,
i) Prepare 49 pictures for 49 pieces StoryTag Cards. OR
ii) Prepare minimum 58 pictures for Playing Cards .
Copy all selected pictures JPEG file into a new folder.

Step 2: Upload selected pictures into online editor.
Note: The file uploader only available to upload 50 pictures for each time. If you have more than 50 pictures to upload, kindly repeat the steps again.

Step 3: Auto Fill uploaded picture into picture box
Click on Auto Fill icon for system self arrange uploaded pictures into the picture box. The progress will take 1 to 2 minutes.

Step 4: Proof check all cards design.
During auto fill picture progress, some of the important part picture may be cropped. You are require check through each card to ensure printed area of the picture is align properly. Double click at picture box to select/crop printed area.

Crop picture

Step 5: Add to cart.
Finally, click preview to see all card design at a glance. Once you happy with the design,  click Add to cart button to submit order.

Practice now to use Auto Fill function and you will find creating project is easy as 123. Happy Pixajoying!