Cracking your head to think about the special present? Bears, toys, accessories, flowers… is there anything else you can gift? Well. If you are encountering this problem, this post will definitely help you out 😉


For Kids

1. Personalised Children’s Book

Toys may be a good yet usual present for kids to dissolve their boredom. Why not present something that can provide entertainment and enhance their knowledge at the same time? As we know, children’s imagination is extraordinary. If you personalise the stories with their personal information and let them be the protagonists, they will be drawn into reading. Meanwhile, they can improve their vocabulary, writing and reading skills.


2. Playing Cards ― Pair Cards

Customize a set of pair cards with text and children’s images as a gift or reward for them. It will surely entertain them in another way round! FYI, playing pair cards can improve their thinking skills, logical skills, visual skills and responsiveness.


3. Personalised Stickers

Oh! Who doesn’t love stickers?! For a kid, having own stickers is probably the best feeling ever! Customize stickers with their name and picture, maybe add a little bit of cute illustration, the stickers will be a treasure for them. 😀 Soon enough they will treasure their belongings as well because they stick the lovely stickers on it to indicate that “HEY! IT’S MINE“.

For Friends / Life Partner

1. StoryTag Cards / Photo Book

Memories are abstract, photo prints are concrete. Transform the memories (travel, graduation, school life etc)  to StoryTag cards, photo prints or photo book, put in your efforts, insert your sincere wishes, the gift is priceless after all.


2. Playing Cards ― Poker Cards

You can’t deny that playing cards is the only offline entertaining game for most of us on every occasion. It can gather people to have fun together and enhance the relationships. Create a set of playing cards by customizing with own images to show your thoughtfulness and have more jolly moments!


3. Bookmark

Hold on your mind! Technology isn’t everything yet! Some people do still prefer to read a printed book rather than e-book. Bookmark can be used for various types of books such as novels, textbooks and notebook. Imagine that they get motivated throughout the day whenever they see the bookmark. So, customize with own favourite graphics withmotivation quotes would be a great idea. 😀


For Family

1. Photo Book

People come and go. They can’t forever be by our side. So, shift all kinds of memories to photo books to record every stage of life while you can.


2. Framed Print / Wall Art Gallery


Home is the loveliest place in this world. Nothing is better than home. But if you could fill one of the walls in your house with various memorable moments, it will add extra sweetness. 😉


If you have money, you can buy anything as gift, but what’s beyond the price is your efforts.

Gift them something memorable, meaningful and unexpected.