Top 8 Back to School Essentials Every Student Needs

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Inspiration, Tips and Tricks

It’s that time of the month again – where the malls are bursting with parents, kids and a slew of brand new back to school stuff that range from pristine school uniforms and shoes to school bags and all manner of stationery. For some, it will be their first forays into ‘Big Kid School’ or college and university life. For others, it would be just another school year and for the seniors, it also marks the beginning of their last year as high school or college students. 


So whether you have a child that’s heading to elementary school, if you’re a college student yourself or if you’re a teacher who needs to stock up on tools for teaching and continuous learning, it’s always good to plan ahead and get started on your back to school shopping early. Not only will it help you beat the crowd of last minute shoppers, but you will also get first pick on every new item. That definitely sounds like a better prospect than cramming all your shopping at the end of your holiday season.


As some of you might be very well aware, back to school shopping isn’t as cut and dry as you might think. There’s plenty of basic school related items that you would need to buy – like notebooks, water bottles and school bags. But there are a lot of small, seemingly innocuous things that you want to have around – just to make things easier; like stamps with your names on them so that you don’t have to write it down on each exercise book, or cute stickers to help personalised your lunch box or school folders. 


It’s best to make a list of all the things you need before you go shopping – if nothing else, it’ll definitely help you remember to grab the important things first before you forget them in the mad rush to grab that particularly well designed backpack! To help you out a little bit, we’ve pulled together a list of some handy and stylish back-to-school essentials that’ll help you (or your kids) welcome the new school year with style.

Kits for the Kids

Elementary school is the first introduction to the subjects a child will be learning for years to come. As this is the beginning phase of education level and a big step in your child’s life after the sepia-toned days of after lunchtime naps and unstructured play, you’ll surely want to equip your child with school essentials that’ll ensure a fun, positive and successful year for them. Here are some of the necessary essentials that you’ll want your child to be equipped for the new school year.

Name Stickers For School Supplies

When it comes to sending your child to school, the first and foremost basic necessity that you’ll need to prepare for them are the general school supplies – things like pencils, erasers, colour pencils, school bags and more. But as kids are quite forgetful and absent-minded,(probably because of their playful nature and short attention spans) it’s pretty common for your child to return home after school with someone else’s school supply or missing one of their own – which in turn, causes you to spend more money to get those missing items replaced.


So in order to keep your children’s belongings out of the lost and found and help them keep things properly organised, why not create and label their school supplies with personalised stickers that can help put a name to face – so that everyone knows that those particular school supplies rightfully belongs to them. 


You can create personalised stickers with your child’s name and design them in such a way that it can feature their favourite cartoon characters, or even their own pictures. These stickers would be extremely helpful, not just to your child (helping them identify their things much easier) but also to the school teacher (so that they can return lost items or solve a squabble over ownership).


Labeling your child’s school essentials like- water bottles, pencil case, colour pencils and more, also helps to make their school supplies stand out from the crowd. Children love to be the centre of attention and by adding this little extra detail, you will be able to ensure that your kid will be the envy of the class. 


Plus, by making your child’s school supply even more recognisable, you will also be able to avoid having to replace the expensive or branded school supplies that you’ve prepared for them. 


Pro Tip: Personalised stickers will also be super useful as an allergy labels that you can stick on your kid’s lunch box.Creating personalised stickers with an icon or wordings that clearly shows that your kids are allergic to a certain type of foods like no soy, no eggs, no dairy or no seafood will be a real lifesaver when it comes to your child with allergies. With the ability to add the information needed to alert people of this vital information when you’re not around to monitor them, you can feel relieved from being worried about your child at the same time they’ll be on hand.

Stylish Backpack Tag for Your Child

Stylish Backpack Tag for Your Child

Just like how your children’s stationery can be easily lost or mixed up with another child’s, so can your child’s school backpack also have the possibilities to be mistakenly taken by their classmates or even be misplaced by your kids at the school. Since most of the school bag designs nowadays tend to look similar in terms of colours, type or the patterns as they produced in large numbers, it is easier for other kids to get a backpack that looks the same as the one that your child owns.


With that being said, you can imagine with a lot of kids carrying the same type and design of schoolbag at the school and how confusing it’ll be for your kids to recognise their very own bag among the rest. Hence to avoid the unnecessary woes of losing or misplacing their bag on the first day itself, creating a personalised backpack tag to label your child’s bag is the smartest thing you can do.


Creating a personalised luggage tag that feature your child name along with colourful designs and some personal letterings that your kid’s love, it will be easier for them to spot their bag even if they’re in a busy locations such as their school, events, sports day, tour with classmates or more.

The Essentials for High-School Students

As we all know, transitioning from middle-school to high-school-is not easy. It can be stressful for students and parents alike since this is the phase where the teens will be immersed in a new culture; should be able to fit in two meet new people, begin to attend challenging classes and have to handle new social pressures. To help your child to make all important changes, especially in terms of helping them to have a  good study habits and get organised, here are the school supplies that they’ll need for the new school year :

A Notebook For Note-Taking

When it comes to high school education level, note-taking will be one of the most important things that students need to do. Generally, when your child enters high school, their courses and subjects will be increasingly difficult and heavier compared to the subjects that they’ve learned from their middle school education level. Hence they’ll need to remember every bit and pieces of information for a particular subject that are shared in their class sessions and be able to learn well. In this case, a good quality notebook for a note-taking is quite essential for your child to recall pieces of information that would be otherwise lost.


 If you would like to ensure that your child could stay focused during the class period, prepare for their examination efficiently and be successful in their studies, you’ll surely need to add this useful school supply in your back-to-school list. Talking about notebook as a useful tool, who says that the notebooks for high-school students should be simple, boring and dull? Although practically the main use of notebook for high school students is to jot down important information, keep track of homework assignments, study session and due dates. It is common for school students to have the desire of owning a stylish and unique type of stationery


As a parent that has been gearing up school supplies for your child since they were in elementary school, you must have noticed the excitement that your child gets every year when you buy them new school supplies with new designs, types or colours. So for the upcoming new year of school, why not get a personalised softcover notebook for your child and get them excited and motivated to start their school days with great enthusiasm? You can imagine how happy they’ll be to have a unique and stylish notebook with their name, photo and with their favourite design that makes their school supply looks different from the rest of their schoolmates.


Pro Tip: If you want your child’s notebook to be an inspirational tool besides being a functional school supply, you can choose to create a personalised softcover notebook by adding an inspirational quotes or wordings that you’ll usually use to remind your child of how important it is to pursue their passion and studies. By doing this you can be sure that you’ve prepared one of the best school essential for your child, that can keep them motivated to stay focused and be successful in their studies.

Stay Organised With Desk Calendar

One of the most critical but necessary skills to develop and maintain during high school is staying organised. As this is the phase where your child’s workload will increase and their responsibilities begin to add up, it is important for them to keep track of their commitments. But this isn’t always an easy task to do for a student without a calendar.


  Calendar is an important school supply that parents often overlooked when it comes to buying school essentials for their children. This is most probably because, most of the parents often fail to realise that calendar is a critical key for high school students that’ll help them to balance their homework, exams, extracurricular activities which will eventually make their children to perform well in their studies.


As calendars are quite functional and can be categorised as one of the important things that every high-school student should be equipped with, we would highly recommend the parents of high- school students to get a personalised desk calendar for their child.


By getting a personalised calendar for your child, you can ensure that you’re daughter or son from high school, will be highly organised in planning and scheduling their time for studies and other beneficial activities. The personalised desk calendar that allows your child to add their favourite pictures, some fun elements and mark the dates directly on the boxes, will basically make them feel fun to use the calendars at the same time easier to visualise and plan their schedule efficiently.

 A Bookmark For a Break

Now that the school season is approaching fast, the school students of all grades especially high-school students are going to have a lot more reading and homework in the coming month. And when it comes to reading a book chapter by chapter, your child might get tired and want to have a walk or a coffee break at times.


But before they could relax in their own way(either listening to music, watching tv  or talking to someone), one of the most important things that they’ll need to do is mark their book pages.(they’ll never want to miss the pages they were reading on and feel frustrated looking for the same page again).To do that in style, why not get a personalised bookmarks for your child to start their new year of school with a lot more fun.


By getting a personalised bookmark for your child, you’ll never have to be tired of replacing a new bookmark for them, as these adorable bookmarks that can be created with their favourite pictures, quotes or sayings that they”ll adore, will make them keep it safe than the normal bookmarks that you buy for them.


Pro tip: If you’re one of those parents who wants to change your child’s habit of putting an ear dog for their book pages, creating a personalised bookmark will be the best way to go. By using a personalised bookmark, your child will be more interested and comfortable to mark a book with them instead of putting an ear dog. 


Must-Have Items For College Students

Joining a college to pursue higher studies is a big step which will be thrilling and exciting at the same time. Whether you’re an eager first-year student(heading off to college for the first time) or nostalgic -senior( who are about to start a new semester at your college), Be sure to put these items on your school supply list:

Handy Tumblers -The Travel Buddy


College life is defined as a hectic and stressful phase where you’ll be naturally busy- finding balance between assignments, sports, college events and exam preparation. There will be many activities in your daily routines that require you to travel or constantly on the move from one place to another place. At times, you’ll feel really tired and exhausted of working on your projects or studying all day long that will give you a negative effect to your work progress.


So to ensure that you’ll be able to stay energetic and keep yourself hydrated for the whole day, you’ll need a drinkware that can help you to keep your favourite beverages well-insulated for up to 6 or 8 hours. In this case, getting a personalised handy-tumbler that are made of high-quality stainless steel will be the best way to go. Whether you choose to tote a coffee, tea, or ice-cold lemon tea with you every day, this handy tumbler will allow you to enjoy every sip of your favourite drink in style. 


Yes! You read it right, besides being an easy-to-carry tumbler with dual handle, this tumbler will also make you stand out from the rest of your class-mates as you can design it the way you want either by adding your own photo, sayings or your favourite background.


A Tote Bag to Tote All Day Long


Being a college student with a lot of things to carry, one backpack to fill in all your school essentials such as-laptop, mouse, headphones, books, stationary things and more, will not be a good idea. This is because, carrying heavy bags can cause so many problems on your health- neck, back pain, shoulder strain and fatigue.


In order to carry the things separately, or to make it convenient for you to attend extra classes,you’ll surely need a sturdy and durable tote-bag that will allow you to carry some of your essentials separately.Hence, you might want to add this simple and eco-friendly tote-bag into your back-to-school shopping list and haul them in style to the new year of school.


Besides being a functional piece, this tote bag also will be a perfect way to express your personality from the creativity that you use to design the tote bag. Whether you choose to add your own photo or the picture of your favourite characters along with your name and sayings, you can make your tote bag look extremely unique and trendy to be hauled anywhere and anytime.


A Unique Notebook to Meet Your Needs

When it comes to pursuing education, it is well known that most of the students in this world rely on their notes to memorise and learn critical-course content. But since nowadays the note-taking habits for college students are based on their course demands and more focused on enhancing their skills,(Some courses require people to be able to write well, art base students need to enhance their sketching skills, management students should be able to plan out and more) you’ll surely need a notebook that could complement your needs well. For example, if you’re from the art course such as filming department or design department that needs you to be able to sketch a character or beautiful designs, then a high-quality book with a blank paper format will be the best choice for you. By using a notebook that fits your needs well, you can enhance your skills on a particular course or plan your hobby in an effective way.

With Pixajoy’s deluxe hardcover notebook that comes with 3 different paper format options- dotted, line and blank.You’ll be able to choose the right type of paper format that’ll fit your needs and wants perfectly besides having the satisfaction of using a notebook with impeccable style and functionality.

Now that you’ve read and got to know about back-to-school-essentials, feel free to visit the Pixajoy website, choose your favourites and give them a try! 

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