Everybody is brainstorming on how to enhance their business revenue and profit, but haven’t got a clue?  Fret not, guess it’s time to stop worrying as we have tremendous surefire effective ways for you right here, with just a few clicks away……

Haven’t thought of using stickers as a tool for your business? It works as easily and as inexpensive as it can possibly be, without you even have to spend a single cent in the long run. Let the sticker do the advertising for you, and we have all the right tools for you here….to design your sticker. We mean business stickers! So here’s how to use them for your company.

1) Push Brand Image

For those small business entreprises or small business owner who are just beginning to sell their products can now start to design their own brand name and brand logo / signature, or even company name. Start a designed sticker of your own brand name, brand logo and company logo on your product. Create your own brand signature and design which matches and represents the business image that you want to portray to the world. This is a good way for you to introduce and also let your customer get-to-know you as their future business partner or supplier. This might also be a long lasting impression that you might give to your target customers or new market through a unique name branding and logo. Thus, create a one-of-a-kind brand logo and name with class of its own. You are free to think of any design or signature to engage your “untouched” market. It is as interesting as it can be, with just a little of your time and creativity!

2) Provide Information

Next, you can highlight the selling points and specialty of your product and most importantly your contact number to enable customer to contact you instantly. You can provide your customer service hotline number, company website address, product ingredients, product special features / benefits, barcode, manufacturing date / expiry date on your own freely designed sticker to be pasted on your product packaging. Add on a striking color designed sticker to catch your customers’ attention.

3) Make The Sale

Another effective way is to offer great discounted value on certain specific days of the week and special discounted value for members only. For example : 20% Off on Monday and Friday only, 90% Off for member, 85% Off for non-member. This will certainly increase your sales volume in a very short time. You can provide special treatment to members, as they will be your regular buyers or make some good deal with them, to make them feel worth becoming a member. They will in turn bring in more new members for you!

4) Event Giveaways

During any event to create brand awareness on your product, hand a product gift to your customer with stickers inside. The sticker must be printed with your brand logo/name, with a cute cartoon beside it. This will excite the receiver and they will love to paste it on their laptops, handphones, bags, or water tupperwares. Some might even love to paste it in their car as “interior design” due to the fun of it! This leads more people into recognising your new product as people talk about it among one another.

On top of that, you can also give away 3 stickers of every product purchased. Specially present the stickers in a box to the customer after they make payment.

Give printed stickers as a gift to the customer if they comment on your product in Facebook or “like” your product / Facebook page.

5)  Reward Stickers

Plan a sticker puzzle or sticker-collecting game for your customer. Turn your new customer into your regular customer. Get your customer to purchase more of your products, on a regular basis, in order to complete the sticker collection puzzle. (As they purchase each product, a sticker will be kept inside each product packaging)

After completion of the puzzle, a grand prize will be waiting to be presented to the one successful customer! This will be the source of motivation for the customer to purchase the product until they get the correct piece of sticker, just to match and complete the sticker puzzle. So, keep them going and inspired! Of course, plan a uniquely designed sticker, to make the game more interesting and complicated.

6) Loyalty Reward Stickers

Hmm, loyalty rewards. Why don’t we reward customers with their loyal regular buying with us? Give them something in return…like a free product, after purchasing with us continuously for 10 times or 15 times. A free product be given to them as a reward for their loyalty with your product. The stickers will do the recording for each of their buying behaviour. One sticker will represent one product purchase. So, the sticker plays an important role in the keeping track of how often the product is purchased.

7) The Power of QR Code On Stickers

Here comes the superb power of QR Code…….

Paste a sticker with a QR code on your product packaging which will directly link to your company website page, Facebook page, blog page, Twitter, Instagram and other social media site which you would want to direct your customer to. You will just need to generate your QR code with our Pixajoy Lite Editor, you can then increase your fans and followers. One QR code can only represent one information. Below are the types of information you can choose to create a QR code with :

  • Your business name card  (customer could easily know you and contact you if they are interested).
  • Your business website.
  • Your product information.
  • A video demonstrating how to use your product, or any how-tos video related to your product.
  • Display a certain engaging text / slogan / joke of the day
  • Plays a song.
  • Your Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Pinterest, Instagram, WeChat and other’s social media page.
  • Display an article online.

Just decide on the information that you may want to display to your customer, design your QR code, stick it on your product packaging and you are done!

You might be doing yourself a big favor and this will further increase more sales because you get them engaged by following you online! Customers would love to watch your product in-action too, so add on some interesting videos as QR code! As you know, human loves animation, any kind of animation will make a big difference. The video can be anything just to brightened up their first attempt to even scan. Good luck.