Welcome to the Kiddies Whole New World. We are sure you will be wondering what are these all about. Let us tell you that you can now bring in a level up of inspiration and motivation into your kids’ lives which you might have never thought of it before at all. You can even understand your kids better like never before and gave them what they actually need and want in these tiny little ways. You can create personalised stickers custom made towards your kids’ likings and traits. Here, we provide personalised stickers cater to your kids’ preferences. Stickers can be designed in any way you like it, and it is writable. Just let your imagination flow and your kids will love it to their hearts….Let your kids enlarge their creativities too by designing their own desired stickers.

1) Label To Differentiate Stationaries and Food Utensils. It is troublesome and confusing when  your kids’ stationaries always goes missing and being mixed up with his friends’ stationaries in school. Thus, this is a good way to avoid all the fuss by pasting stickers of your kid’s name printed on it, on every piece of stationary your kid posseses. This is a sure way to identify the stationary item belongs to your child. This is also applicable to school books as well. Besides, food utensils such as plates, fork, spoon, cup and bowl can be labelled to avoid other parties using your utensils especially when you share the same utensils storage place with your hostel mates, housemates or room mates. This is also to help you identify your own personal daily utensils rather then to be mixed up with your friends’ utensils. You can design your own trademark on the stickers to be labelled.

2) Tune Them Towards Healthy Eating Habits. When it comes to food, you may feel that your child would be the most difficult person to deal with in your life after a long hard day in the kitchen. You can stop the yelling and the commotion your naughty little rascal might be giving you almost instantly by placing few cute customized little colorful stickers on their food tupperwares. They will be amazed and attracted to open up the nutritious food displayed in front of their eyes. Try it and you will see the difference. Just place a few cute custom-made stickers on the tupperware and your kids will get attracted to it!

3) Positive Reward Enforcement. Instead of giving sweets to your child whenever they have accomplished an achievement or being an obedient child to you for at least a moment in your lifetime, you can give a cute sticker to him/her. They will love it! This is not only harmless to the child but also to encourage them to keep up their good work in future.

4) Birthday Gift. Surprise your kid with a bookmark with your kid’s face printed on it. Just take a photo of your kid and you can easily create a sticker with your kid’s face on it. Paste the sticker on the bookmark and you are ready to surprise your child on his birthday.

5) Cultivate Good Reading Habits. Design a sticker with your child’s favourite cartoon character, add on some motivational and inspirational quotes beside it, then paste it on the school book cover. To make it more effective, you can also paste it on the upper right side in every page of the school book to attract your child to flick through and read the book.

Alternatively, you can also cover the school books, reference books and exercise books with white blank paper decorated with stickers of the cartoon characters. The chances of your child touching the book will be higher than you can imagine. This will lead them to read the book. You can also guide them through the learning process when the stickers spark their interest on and on…..

6) Unique Birthday Present Wrapper. This is another unique way to make your present look more special, instead of using the all-time common present paper wrapper to wrap the present for your loved ones. Decorate the white paper wrapper with stickers of your loved ones faces on it. This will leave a memorable surprise in their lifetime. It’s pretty cool, so just do it!

Personalised stickers bring a great deal of effectiveness and fun to a kid’s world. You won’t know it until you try it. So, enjoy it and happy designing! Have fun with your limitless imagination and creativity like never before. Cheers!