Top 4 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2020

by | Feb 8, 2020 | Inspiration, Tips and Tricks

It’s hard to believe that January is over and we’re officially in the second month of 2020! It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the New Year – discussing New Year’s resolutions, a fresh you start and trying to set new habits on our way to a successful and more meaningful future. Now we’re already in the most romantic month of the year: February! 

Although there are many events and holidays that mark a year and make each month more meaningful, the shortest month of the year (leap year or no leap year) has always held a special place in the hearts of romantics and is one of the most anticipated months for people who are prone to the ‘Love-ria’ syndrome (a state of ‘chronic’ lovesickness and infatuation) due to Valentine’s Day.  

As we all know, Valentine’s Day occurs every February 14th, across the United States and in other places around the world. Candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones (be they lovers, parents and children, and even friends), all in the name of St. Valentine. It is a special day that is dedicated to freely showcase our love and affection towards those we care about and a perfect opportunity to shower our loved ones (or even ourselves) with treats and gifts. But finding the right gift that is thoughtful and convey the right sentiment can be a daunting task for most people – which is why, in order to ease your stress over what to get for all those people you love and appreciate, we’ve come up with the Top 4 Valentine’s Day gift ideas of 2020!

A Gift to be Held Close

Who doesn’t love a huggable gift? Year after year, almost every mall and flower shop will carry a range of adorable stuff toys – ranging from teddy bears and soft bunnies to more unique items like stuffed elephants or birds. This is because plush products are often seen as one of the best gifts to give your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Why, you might ask. Well, it’s believed that these decorative gifts can serve as a long time reminder of a person’s affections with the added bonus of allowing their loved ones to cuddle up to something soft and cute. 

While giving a stuffed toy has its merits, in 2020, why not give them something a little more unique and personalised! And by that, we mean try opting out of a stuffed toy and give your loved ones a personalised pillow (or pillows) instead! 

After all, you can get teddy bears are plush toys from any old store – and chances are, there will be another couple somewhere out there with the exact same plushie as you – which kind of turns the romantic factor down a notch when you think about it. With personalised pillows, you’re guaranteed a unique gift that is just as soft, plush and cuddle-able as a soft toy – only more refined. 

By personalising a photo pillow, you can ensure that it’s completely one of a kind by adding pictures of your partner or something that you both always say that could express your love to your loved ones – for example, in Captain America, Steve and Bucky’s famous quote; ‘Till the end of the line.’ would make for a great romantic (or platonic) quote to have on a photo pillow because while it doesn’t overtly scream ‘I love you’, you can read between the lines and see that there’s definitely a lot of emotion and care in those 6 simple words.

Apart from that, photo pillows can also serve as great reminders for your beautiful relationship and all the warm memories you’ve had together. Like for example, you can create a photo pillow or a set of pillows that showcases different fun moments spent together – like going on vacations, getting engaged or even going on your first few dates.

The soft and functional photo pillows also make for a great addition to your home decor and work as just an effective cuddle buddy as a teddy bear. Yes, you read it right! We all know that despite wishing to be able to spend every moment together with our loved ones, it just isn’t possible due to various other obligations that we, as adults (or busy college students) may have. But whenever he or she misses you or if they just need some comfort, a personalised throw pillow with your pictures will be a good enough replacement until they can hug the real thing! Being a soft and a long term symbol of your love, the personalised throw pillow can make your partner feel the presence and warmth of your love when you’re not physically with them – which is pretty cool and romantic! 

Pro Tip: If your partner is a home decor enthusiast, a personalisable throw pillow will be the best gift you could ever give them. Besides serving as a long term reminder of your affections and bringing them comfort, this unique plush product can also make any space feel nice and cosy- whether they want to use it to adorn their beds, couches, chairs, or benches. Furthermore, for those who feel like giving a personalised throw pillow as a gift with their own images seems to be a bit tacky, you can create a set of 2 matching throw pillows with the phrase “I love you” or pictures of moments that feature both you and your loved ones.

A Story of Where it All Began

“Every great love starts with a great story”- Nicholas Spark

One of the greatest things about being in love is that no two love stories will be exactly the same. Admittedly, there are some specific ways that a love story can begin – from the Romeo and Juliet-esque ‘love at first sight’ to best friends turn to lovers – as seen in Taylor Swift’s music video, ‘You Belong With Me’; there’s also the classic trope of enemies to lover as beautifully showcased in Jane Austen’s book, ‘’Pride and Prejudice’ and even a story of love after marriage (hopefully not as drama-filled as ‘The Accidental Husband’). 

No matter which way your own love story began, the beautiful moments shared between you and your special person deserves to be preserved for all time. That’s why you should consider surprising your significant other with a personalised photo book of your own love story this Valentine’s Day (like, why waste money to watch a romantic comedy when you can flip through a romantic book that stars yourself and your partner, right?)

Whether you’ve been in a relationship with someone for more than 3 years or just 3 months, you must have had some funny, romantic or meaningful conversations (through social media, love letters or otherwise) that holds a particular sentimental value; not to mention the pictures you’ve taken together on special occasions – like your first few dates, your first time attending an important event together or spending your first holiday together as a couple.

Collecting all those special memories and turning them into a premium quality photo book would make the best gift for your loved one, as it can bring them on a trip down memory lane while simultaneously giving them the opportunity to remember and cherish each special memory in style. Giving this beautiful and meaningful gift of memories is also a perfect way to celebrate your relationship and make your loved ones feel especially cherished. 

Pro Tip: If you have something special that your spouse had given to you such as artwork, painting or sweet notes. You can include those as highlights in your photo book to make it more special.

A Sip of Soothing Memories

If you’re one of those who want to give a gift that’ll be a reminder of your love but at the same time can be put into use for different purposes, then a personalised mug will be the best way to go. As we all know, we typically use mugs to sip hot beverages (particularly tea or coffee) to get us going in the morning or soothe our tired souls in the evening. 

But did you know that a gorgeous-looking mug can be used for different purposes? Coffee mugs, for example, can be turned into decorative candle holders, can be used to make microwave mug cakes,  can be turned into a cute holder for your writing or crafting utensils and many more – depending on your creativity. 

Hence, you can never go wrong by giving your loved one a personalised mug as a gift. Whether they want them to use it to sip their favourite beverage or for different purposes, a personalised mug will make for a thoughtful gift that’ll remind the people you love of your care and affections every time they so much as give it a glance.

Additionally, surprising your significant other on Valentine’s Day with a delicious breakfast or homemade dessert-paired with meaningful photo mug will surely help them to start the day on a positive note! 

Fun Fact: Speaking about personalised mugs as a gift, here’s a fun fact that you might find interesting. In the Chinese language, mugs are generally called “ bēi zǐ (杯子)” which sounds similar to the Chinese word “life” or bèizi (辈子). 

By using the similarity of the words, why not creatively create a photo mug as a gift to show them that she/he is the meaning of life; perhaps with some meaningful wordings such as “you are my life” “Be with me all my life” or “you are the glow that lights up my life”. Share this fact, and they’ll definitely feel impressed! Especially if you pair this fun fact up with pick up lines that’ll melt their hearts.


A Gift of Love and Best Memories

Do you have tons of photos taken with your loved ones on your phone or camera? Print them out and make them as a gift for your loved ones! With all the photos you’ve on social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, or mysteriously around “the cloud”, there’s nothing more impressive than actual physical photo gifts that are useful and memorable.

As we’ve listed before, there are some interesting photo products that are really worth considering as a gift based on your preferences. But if you’re a crafty person and you wish to get something that’ll allow you to show a touch of your own creativity, then photo prints will be the best choice. By printing the best moments you’ve had with your significant other or the photos you’ve taken without their knowledge – like enjoying their food, playing in the rain or a day out with them to adventurous places, you can create a DIY project that’ll surprise and remind them all the beautiful moments you’ve spent with them.

For example, you can create a heart shape photo collage, either by pinning them on a board or stick them on a wall, prepare a treasure box with polaroid photos with written messages or even a polaroid photo frame with their favourite pictures hanged with a clip-on a string or sticking it on a board. The possibilities are endless! Plus, the extra effort and time you’ve put to create a special gift for them will definitely melt their heart.

Pro Tip: Here are some other creative Valentine’s Day DIY projects that you can create with photo prints. DIY wood wall art rustic photo Display, twig photo display,balloon photo display, and pull out photo album. If you wish to find more interesting ideas on how to use or display your photo prints creatively, then feel free to visit and read our blog post on Creative Ways to Display Your Prints.

We hope you enjoyed our gift recommendations for Valentine’s Day!. Just remember, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to give your loved one a gift. For all the love and affection they’ve shown you and for being someone who means a lot to you, they deserve the best gifts from you. If you feel inspired to create any one of the mentioned products above, or would like to browse through some of our other personalisable gift options, feel free to visit the Pixajoy website.


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