Top 4 Tips for Better Family Time

by | Mar 25, 2021 | How To, Tips and Tricks

We are all so occupied in our lives and in chasing our dreams that we struggle to strike a good balance between family and work time. As we’re living in a whirlwind world, so many outside forces make demands on our time and energy—work, children’s schooling and more out-of-home entertainment opportunities, that makes carving out family time is harder than expected.
If you’re one of those who often find yourself guilty and questioning yourself -am I spending enough time with my kids? Or is our family time are meaningful? This blog is post is for you! Here we’ve prepared the top 4 quick tips for juggling your family’s schedule while creating some quality time together as a family. Read on

Establish Regular Family Time

Whether it’s dinner time together, take-out night, game night, or simply sit and watching movies-having a regular family routine is a great way to build a connection, sense of security and strengthen your bond with your family members.
No matter how busy you are in your daily life, spending some time relaxing, talking with each other or having fun with your family members will make you understand everyone’s likes, dislikes, different personalities. This will ensure the bonding with your family members will be even stronger and foster a sense of belonging and togetherness.
Pro-Tip: Every moment you spend with your family is precious, be sure to print them into something you can hold and pass them to your next generation, as they’ll be able to learn about family beliefs and values and build a sense of belonging.

Set Your Work Boundaries

Being a team player at work is great but if you’ll be able to be a team player for your family, achieving a happy family and life is a breeze! Often, work takes precedence over everything else in our lives due to our desire to succeed professionally. This pushes us to set aside our own and family well-being which will make life more stressful.

Hence, it is important to create a work-life balance by setting work-life boundaries. One of the best ways to do so is by creating a schedule based on your working time and your family time.

By keeping a calendar that reminds you of your family activities, events or simply a dedicated time just for your family, you’ll be able to make time with your family and you could avoid a situation where your work over-run your family time. 

Start a Hobby or Project Together

When it comes to spending some time with family, people have more options now than ever. But mindlessly binge-watching and having dinner together or outings aren’t necessarily the only best way to spend quality time with loved ones.

Diving into family hobbies that everyone can enjoy and get in touch with creative sides together, can be an amazing way to open the door to quality family time.

With family hobbies such as gardening, decorating a home with unique home decors or cooking together, zoning out on too much screen time and focusing on the family time will be easier. The more you spend time with your family members, the more stronger your bond will be.

Keep Your Home Organised

Keeping your home organised and clutter-free is also one of the best ways to increase the amount of time you have in your day, decrease the amount of stress you carry on your shoulders and have more time doing the things you enjoy with your family. 

When your home spaces are cluttered and organised, you’ll be able to save some time on cleaning your house and be more stress-free that’ll make it easier to spend time with your family in a pleasant way.

Pro-Tip: Want to make your space lively? Why not turn them into framed prints or canvas prints and hang them on the boring walls of your home? Stylish and timeless they’re a great way to spruce up your home and cherish your moments in style.

And that concludes our top 4 tips for better family time. So if you can’t find enough time to spend together? These simple and effective tips will help decrease busy schedules and increase quality family time. If you want to turn your favourite family moments into something cherishable, feel free to visit the Pixajoy website. 


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