Top 4 Promotional Merchandise Ideas For Small Businesses

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Facts, Inspiration

No one sets out to start a business to be in mediocre or with a goal of eventually closing it. Every business owners must have started their business journey with ultra-high aspirations to grow, expand their business and be as successful as Amazon, Google or Apple company one day. 

However, in reality- only a few small businesses continues to grow and achieved a successful position while the others hit a wall due to some factors like market size, competition, demand and more. In order to make sure your small business could stay ahead of the competitive environment and to ensure your business prosper over the long term, it’s quite important to hit the ground and lay a strong foundation in the market. 

One of the best ways to do so is by reaching out to more numbers of potential customers with promotional products – a cost-effective marketing method that’ll help you to create an instant brand recognition at the same time draws the attention of new or existing customers in a competitive market. With that in mind, in today’s blog post we’ve going to share with you the top 4 promotional merchandise ideas that will give a great impact to your small business!

Tote-ally Custom Bags

As you all may know, promotional tote-bags are not a new addition to the realm of marketing merchandise. It has been a timeless effective tool since 1886 that changed the entire world of advertising. Thanks to the genius innovator Mr.Jasper Freemont Meek! (father of promotional products) His idea and attempt of giving away a burlap bookbag-printed with a simple but direct advertising messages-custom tote bags were made popular that they never seem to go out of fashion in marketing and brand exposure practice till today. 

Tote bags that are basically an unfastened bag with sturdy handles and customisable are considered as one of the trendy and best marketing tool, due to the practicality and easily noticeable characteristic that they offer. Since the front or back part of tote bags usually have a  large area -imprinting your brand name, logo or some specific marketing phrases of your business on them and giving away to your customers will get your brand noticed by passersby when recipients use your business brand’s tote bags- be it at a grocery store, mall or when travelling. It is the most cost-effective way for your small business to reach out to more potential customers.

 Other than that, tote bags are also a type of marketing tool that are immensely useful to your business customers as a beach bag, gift bag, grocery bags and more (can be used for daily use). Hence giving them away to your existing or new customers will create a deep impact on the customer’s mind that’ll help you to build customer loyalty as well as to grow your business into a successful level.

Thirst-Quenching Product

It’s a known fact that staying hydrated is important and that’s the reason why most people carry around reusable water bottles regularly and for a length of time. But using plastic water bottles to store water are harmful for the environment as well as our health. So why not offer customised tumblers as promotional products to your customers that’ll fulfil their needs of getting their daily dose of hydration and do their part to be less wasteful?

Offering eye-catching custom tumblers to your customers with your company’s logo on them creates a win-win situation-where your goal of attracting more potential customers, creating brand awareness as well as providing useful products that can fulfil customers needs-to stay hydrated, keep their beverages warm or cold and their wants for stylish products can be achieved easily. When recipients of your promotional custom tumblers tote around this amazing product to their office, gym or during their errands around town, the logo you’ve imprinted on them will be helpful in catching the eyes of anyone that they come in contact with. This is a highly effective way to create a long-lasting impression.

Besides that, a well-designed custom tumblers are also a great way to save money on disposable cups or bottles and reduces waste as they are a type of reusable drinkware. Hence, by offering promotional custom tumblers your company will become a valuable vendor at a convention that’ll give your brand maximum visibility as well as being a responsible company to keep the planet clean.

Pro Tip: This type of promotional products are highly recommended for businesses that focus on health. Using custom tumblers as promotional products to be given to your clients or customers who are more health-conscious is a great way to remind your clients of how well you know them and shows the forward-thinking of your company.

Stylish Branded Mugs

Everyone loves getting promotional products, especially the products that are also can be used in many different ways. Custom mugs are one of them. They are extremely versatile and make incredible gifts or promo products in any situation-be it as a gift for your business clients, employees or giveaways. 

As mugs are items that people use time to time and each day (a product that is used on a daily basis not just put it aside or somewhere and never looked at it again).Giving a customised mugs as promotional products to your customers is a great way to connect with your existing or new customers by being a part of their routine and lifestyle. 

The mugs with your logo or your company slogan will act as a small billboard that’ll remind your customer that they can buy from you with every sip that they take, which will eventually help you to build a strong sense of customer loyalty to your business brand. 

In Addition, customised promotional products also tend to be versatile-can be used at home or office for drinking purposes, as a decoration items, pen holders or more. Whether the recipients use it for home or office use, as long as the customised mugs are put into use; you’ll be able achieved repeated brand awareness and your business will stick into people’s mind for a long term.

Handy Desk Calendar

Promotional calendars are also one of the effective marketing tools that are immortal in popularity and going strong even in this digital age. Although people can find organisers and calendars on their smartphones today, still there are a lot of people owning physical calendars compared to the digital one due to they’re practicality features that allows them to plan or remember time-specific events, appointments, meetings, functions and deadlines.

Although this timeless piece is something that is very useful and many people consider as one of the most important things they should own. In actual fact, very few of them buy calendars. So receiving a custom promotional calendar is sure to be a welcoming addition to your customers. Plus, every time the recipients of your customised calendar refer to the date, day, plan schedules or check holidays, your brand will definitely be in the spotlight and keep you in their mind. This can be a great way to be in their mind for a full 12 months, if not longer.

Furthermore, giving customised calendar as a promotional product to your customer will also make the brand-building process much easier, as they can be a personal recommendation. If the recipients or customers has your customised desk calendars displayed in their office, that means your brand is being endorsed by the person which can make anyone who walks into their office notice your business brand easily. This can be a big advantage to you- especially if they are business people who need something relevant to your business in terms of product or services because your business will be in their mind. But in order to attract customers or business people to grow your business, you’ll need to come up with an attractive logo design an easy to remember slogan in your promotional product.

Now that you have a better idea for some effective Promotional products, feel free to visit the Pixajoy website, choose your favourites and give them a try!

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