Top 4 Wedding Photo Ideas to Create a Memorable Photo Book

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Inspiration

Every couple wants to have a great wedding that everybody remembers for ages. But with the state of the world right now due to coronavirus,  many couples (the to-be-weds) had to postpone their weddings or downsize their original ceremonies to “minimonies- a different day from their dream wedding.

While some couples find minimonies as a great option to get married-keeping their wedding event more intimate and easier to manage,  many couples are still choosing to postpone their wedding as their hope for a lovely wow-worthy destination wedding has reached a standstill.

Yes, the whole wedding with their pillared halls, getting all dressed up, dance like no one is watching, and having fun with family and friends, cannot happen as that would be a massive breach in the health guidelines and protocols. This is most likely to upset many of the to-be-weds and their family and friends. So for those couples who are upset and need something to remind you that love is not canceled here we’ve gathered the top 4 wedding photos idea. Read On.

Bride & Groom Getting Ready  Moments

Getting ready photos is a magical way of telling the complete story of your wedding day from the beginning that will be great to cherish for a lifetime with a photo book.

As you must’ve put a lot of thought into what you want your bridal style to look like- from your hair makeup, wedding gown, jewelry, bridesmaid dresses, shoe ring, and so on, capturing and adding photos of all the little details that you’ve carefully selected in a photo book will be a great chance for you to admire them.

Other than that, some of the best candid moments, the time of anticipation and overwhelming joy can remind you of those feelings and cherish them throughout your lives.

Between the Props

You can have a creative wedding photoshoot without any props and it can go perfectly fine. But bringing along a small fun or sentiment prop element is trendy and can help to spice up your wedding shots.

If you’re a camera-shy person, having a prop can give you something to do with your hands and ease up. So, you’ll not have to worry or take extra effort to make your wedding photos look fun and trendy.

Whether it is a comedic element, romantic, or a nostalgic one with sentimental value, the presence of props will be a surefire way to the allure of each photograph. All that you need is the right prop for the concept you want your wedding photos to be.

With props like balloons, mirrors, confetti, fairy lights, and more, turning your wedding photos into something more special without much effort is a breeze!

Unusual Wedding Shot

If you’re one of those people with a can-do attitude, full of love, and are planning a super fun wedding, going for unusual wedding shots will sure do the magic!

Photos that questions your creative inner soul, imaginative and wild concepts such as jumping in the air, and unique poses will be fun-t-remember moments and create a memorable time for you and your significant other.

By turning them into a photo book you’ll be able to revisit those moments from time to time and will be excited  to share stories of  those moments in style.

Show Off Your Wedding Ring

Wedding ring photos are about capturing that special symbol in all its sparkling glory that tells the new beginning of you and your partner. So having a few shots of those diamond dazzlers where they truly shine can be one of the most beautiful photos you could include in your photo book. 

Hence, having them photographed with shots like arm-in-arm close-ups that focus on those new rings, shows off by incorporating your bouquet, manicure, bracelet or watch, and even part of your gown.

Adding those styles of wedding ring photos to your photo book will make your photo book more wow and story-worthy that you’ll treasure all your heart.

And that concludes the top 4 creative wedding photo book ideas.  So if you’re feeling inspired or someone who has married and have few photos that you would like to turn into something special, feel free to visit the Pixajoy website. 


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