Top 4 Creative Ways to Ask: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

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You’ve said “yes,” and you’re headed down the aisle. Now, it’s your turn to “pop” the question to your besties- ask them if they would stand by you on your big day.
But gone are the days where you call them up and say “hey” will you be my bridesmaid? As nowadays ‘bridesmaid proposal’ has exploded online & people are finding the best ways to pop the question with much respect and love. And you’ll surely want to make the best bridesmaid proposal to your squads for being with you through thick and thin.
So, to help you out to ask your friends to be your future maids of honour in a special way, just as they are in your life here we’ve prepared top 4 creative ways to ask: will you be my bridesmaid? Read on.

Reveal with Magic Mug

One of the special ways to make a bridesmaid proposal is by surprising them with an unexpected gift that brightens up their day. As we all know, when it comes to a present that’ll never go out of style or fade in utility, you can never go wrong with a mug. So, why not add a little bit of fun and reveal the surprise with a magic mug?

A magic mug will not only be a great conversation starter that’ll help you out to convey your message but also as an element of surprise. When you gift them to your besties, for sure their faces will look like the black plain mug itself, but once they filled the mug with a nice warm drink- your question will be revealed and it will be a perfect time to share the joy.

The special effect that you’ve created for them and your thoughtfulness will make them special and they’ll have no heart to turn down your proposal, no matter what. Whether you want to plan a coffee date to meet them and enjoy the moment or you would like to send them as a gift, this magic mug is sure to work the magic.

Say It on a Keepsake Coaster

If you’re one of those who wants to get the squad together by organising a special coffee date with your friends and want to reveal the surprise with a rare but unique gift, personalised coasters can be a great way to go. A personalised coaster will not only make the perfect wedding favour or party gift but also a gift that reveals a surprise.
Personalised with their name and their favourite photo on the coaster, they’ll do all the talking for you! While you can start the coffee party or date with a casual conversation, you can surprise them at the end by asking them to look at the coasters that paired up for their drink to know the special news. Or they might also notice it as soon as you place the coffee mug paired up with coasters.
Either way, the good news will be revealed in a fun way that’ll turn the meeting into a special celebration. In addition, the coasters will make a useful, memorable and unique gift that’ll remind you every time they use the coasters.

Make a Photo Book Full of  Memories

For an ultimate bridesmaid proposal, give them the best gift ever—a photo book that celebrates your friendship. Collate all the favourite moments shared with your besties, add some messages that express how much they mean to you and pop the question at the final page. It will be a very sentimental, unique and a special personalised gift that they’re going to treasure forever!
Giving them the photo book to walk down the memory lane is a great way to remind them the respect, love and the special friendship you’ve been sharing with them till now and will continue for years to come. Also, the question that you ask them on the final page will definitely be a heartwarming surprise that they’ll end up saying yes!
Whether you want to gift them your best friend, little sister or favourite cousin, this gift is a sure-fire way to make them feel special, appreciated and excited to be the maid of honour for your big day.

Give Them a Box Of Goodies

Whether you’re one of those who want to ask your best friends in a big way or simply not sure of what would be the best gifts to make your bridesmaid feel special and show them that you care, giving them more than one item will be a great way to go.
With gift boxes filled with a few goodies that are unique, useful and specially made for them, they’ll be excited to get your planning off to a great startAlso, it will be an amazing way to show your appreciation to thank them for being with you through the ups and downs of the wedding planning and beyond there for you.
A set of unique and personalisable items in the gift boxes that are not only stylish but are helpful or practical to have will be a daily reminder of your love for them. Hence, they’ll make a memorable gift that’ll be treasured all their heart.
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Now that you’ve read through our ideas on some creative ways to make a bridesmaid proposal, we hope you can make the best bridesmaid proposal to your besties! If you feel inspired and want to find unique products for bridesmaid proposal, feel free to visit the Pixajoy website and choose your favourites! 

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Top 4 Creative Ways to Ask: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

You've said "yes," and you're headed down the aisle. Now, it's your turn to "pop" the question to your besties- ask them if they would stand by you on your big day.   But gone are the days where you call them up and say "hey" will you be my bridesmaid? As nowadays...

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