Top 3 Shapes of Personalised Stickers and How to Use Them

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Stickers are a type of label which has been used for many years as an amazing medium in advertising products, establishing brands, kickstarting new projects, decorative items for personal use and even helping elect politicians. They are loved by people of all ages around the world and are often adhered to daily items such as lunchboxes, papers, lockers, notebooks, windows and so on. 

With so many uses and growing demands for sticker designs in recent time, you can find tons of different types of stickers available in the market. But if you want your sticker designs to be thoughtful and express your ideas in a creative and cost-effective way, personalised stickers are the best way to go. 

Personalised stickers are basically a type of labels that stand out from traditional stickers which are adaptable, noticeable, expressive, fun, easy to use and transmit the information you want to deliver effectively through a quality visual. Whether you are a  businessman, startup, freelancer or you’re just looking for a fun hand out to be used for a special occasion, one of the important things you should consider before ordering your personalised stickers is the shape of stickers and understand how you can use it in a perfect way.

So to help you out to know the shapes of stickers available in the market and how you could use them in an effective way, here’s a list of 7 types of personalised stickers and how you can use them to make sure your stickers speak your thoughts and create an amazing first impression to people.


Square Shape

Square-shaped stickers are the most classic and popular type of stickers. They can be used for various purposes such as business endorsement projects, product labelling process, as inventory labels, pricing or promotional labels and more. Basically, this type of stickers are widely used in many industrial and for retail applications such as food, drinks, wine, gifts, cosmetics including coffee powder labels.

 Using square shape stickers to promote your brand or market your products will help you to frame your brand logo in an elegant way attracting people’s attention. However, in order to decide whether square shape stickers will complement your products or fit your needs, it is important to consider certain elements such as the information you want to include, whether your logo is detailed or elaborate, your logo should be included with border or without border, what type  of look you prefer and your choice of presenting information, whether you want to separate it for the front and back or you just prefer to present your information on the front part itself.

By deciding on some of these aspects, it will be easy for you to decide whether you should use large square or small square stickers to convey and express your thoughts to the viewers. Let’s say you want to include a lot of information or highlight your brand logo with some beautiful graphic elements, then large square stickers will be the best choice as it will have more space to add multiple design elements like logo, graphic, images and text which can easily attract the attention of people to your products. While square-shaped stickers are better to be considered for products which require small text and graphics such as warning label for industrial products, as a pricing detail or as identification labels.

Rectangle Shape.

Rectangle-shaped stickers are also one of the classic and well-known custom stickers which can be categorised as a standard shape and have been popular for decades. This shape generally works excellent for labelling products like cosmetics, canned goods, soap sleeves, bottled beverages and boxed candy. Although rectangle-shaped stickers can be classified as one of the perfect sticker shapes to be used for labelling products, they can still be used for any other purposes such as addressing labels, decoration items for a special occasion and more.


When it comes to marketing purposes, rectangle-shaped stickers are more commonly used to label products which are elongated or rather known as short and wide or long and thin type of product containers. This is because rectangle shape stickers will have more space which allows you to design your favourite things, add images, text or whatever information you want to include.


You could also choose rectangle shaped-stickers to label your products if your logo text is heavy and you want your stickers to have moderate coverage or more design space. While in terms of special occasion, you can choose to use rectangle-shaped stickers by personalising them with names, images or theme and label them on water bottles, party favors or goodie bags to make your occasion extra special.


Round Shape.

Round-shaped stickers are a fun and easy way to make your product and merchandise stand out when it comes to the product advertising process. These classic shape stickers are usually used to label a curved container surface or as a seal for brown bag packaging which works well in catching the attention of customers.


You can consider round shaped stickers for your business marketing process if you need to display moderate information, your brand’s logo design is simple and compact or you’re aiming for a more class aesthetic. 

This classic and popular shape is basically perfect to be used for lip balm tubes, candles, envelope seals, promotion or party favours.

And that concludes our list of 3 shapes of stickers and how to use them. So if you’re in the market to get stickers for your business why not consider personalise your own right here on the Pixajoy website. 


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