8 Reasons Why People Love Personalised Products

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Inspiration

If you grew up with a unique name, then you’ve probably experienced the disappointing feeling of going on vacation and not finding your name on one of those kitschy gift shop keychains or mini-nameplates. Did you necessarily want them? Maybe not. But it’s always a little bit disheartening to look through the racks and see a whole bunch of ‘Adam’s’, ‘Alex’s’ and ‘Zack’s’ and no ‘Casimir’s’, ‘Anjani’s’ or ‘Riaz’s’.

Whether we realise it or not, experiences like these tend to stick with us. It’s also one of the reasons why tons of people seem to covet personalised items

Other than that, here are 8 Reasons Why People Love Personalised Products.

They’re one of a kind

Which would you prefer? Getting something that hundreds – if not thousands of people already have, or getting something where you’re the only person in the world to have it?

We bet it’s the second one. That’s the beauty of personalised products. Since they’re tailor-made to feature your name, images, artwork or an amalgamation of all three, you can rest assured that your personalised item will be just as unique as you are. 

With Pixajoy, you can make all sorts of things – like personalised mugs, tote bags, pillows, notebooks and more with just a few clicks of a button. You can then use these items to either decorate your living space or office – infusing a bit of your own personality and personal touch to an otherwise bland space. Or you can create unique gifts for your friends and family members – ensuring that your gifts stand out and are memorable. 

They’re fun to make

There’s just something about making your own personalised products that is super fun and satisfying. With Pixajoy, you can choose to personalise your chosen items to your heart’s content. We have plenty of themes and templates for you to play around with – as well as text fonts, stickers and overlays for your photos. 

Additionally, you can also create your own design from scratch using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or even free apps like Canva or Picsart. Once you’re satisfied with the design you’ve made, simply select the item you want to create and click ‘Start from Blank’.

They’re memorable

When compared to your regular store-bought items, personalised ones are always that much more memorable. Their unique looks make them instantly eye-catching. In addition, every time you look at them, you can’t help but think about the fond memories attached to the item. 

For example, instead of purchasing a regular mug, you decide to personalise your own – featuring a funny photo, a meaningful quote or even just your name. Every time you look at it, it’ll elicit a reaction – be it a laugh, a brief flashback to a favoured memory, or even a sense of accomplishment. 

They’re designed to suit your every need

Another reason why personalised products are the best is that you can literally customise them to suit every occasion. Christmas, Birthdays, Mothers Day, Halloween, stag/hen nights and so on – you will never not be able to create an item that fits!

This is especially useful for when you want to decorate, own or gift items that may feature something more obscure. 

For example, a calendar that’s designed to show off all your favourite t.v. shows, a poster featuring fanart for obscure podcasts, a personalised cookbook featuring recipes on how to recreate meals you’ve seen in anime or movies, mugs featuring quotes from your favourite books – you get the drift. 

They’re suitable for everyone

When you’re shopping for your family members, oftentimes you would need to stop by around 4 to 5 stores to find the right kind of gift for every person. Since everyone has different tastes, buying them something generic from one spot can seem kind of ‘meh’ at the best and uncaring at the worst.

With personalised products, however, you can shop for gifts all at one spot and still ensure that each gift is unique and meaningful. Take for example a personalised photo book. They’re tasteful, memorable and can be gifted to both adults and kids since they feature photos of all your fondest memories together.

In addition, you can actually make copies of the same photo book and personalise the cover or the first page with a dedication or the name of the gift receiver. 

That way, each member of your family can have their own personalised copy of the photo book to take home – especially if you all don’t live within the same household anymore. 

They’re easy to distinguish

Have you ever experienced the sheer panic of not being able to find your stuff among the sea of similar-looking items? This usually happens at schools, colleges, the gym or even the office. From water bottles to notebooks, tote bags and even mugs, these usually generic items often have a way of going missing.

With personalisation, you get to skip the headache (and the lecture from mom about losing your things) because there will be no way for you to NOT recognise your items. Especially when your things have your name, face or unique designs on them.

They’re meaningful

Between those generic ‘Live, Life, Laugh’ quotes that you can see practically everywhere in department stores and gift shops versus an item that features a phrase that only you (and possibly your nearest and dearest) would understand, which would you say is more meaningful? 

With personalised products (like the photo tiles for example), you can customise every aspect of the product – from the design, colour, image used and even the text to ensure that the item truly reflects your personality, what you care about and what you find meaningful. 

It’s also the sentimentality of creating a personalised product that makes them the best kind of gift or decor. Not only does it feature a design that connects with you on a personal level, but the effort you put into creating the item will also make it that much more valuable to you.

They’re timeless

Trends come and go but memories are forever. The final reason why personalised products are the best thing ever is that they’re timeless pieces of work. Unlike merchandise from t.v. shows, bands or cartoon series that you may outgrow and may not like as much as time goes on, you’ll never get tired of something personalised because it’s been uniquely customised to feature elements that have a profound meaning to you (or to your recipient if you’re making something as a gift).

These elements could include photos that remind you of a favourite memory, quotes or song lyrics that you hold dear, artwork that you made on your own or even just your name. 

Considering the fact that it does take some effort to create a personalised product, there’s no way that you’d be willing to part with it. 

When it’s time to give a gift or reinvent your space, choose to customise it to make it more personal. Creating personalised products that you’re just as excited to use for yourself as you are to give to others showcases a level of sincerity that you don’t get anymore – especially in these times where you can simply order things online. 

And of course, if you’re looking for personalised products that are not only high quality but also affordable, consider visiting our website to explore more options.  

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