Desire to create your own photo book but tend to give up easily when it comes to complicated system? No worries! Here are the easy steps to create a perfect photo book.

1. Unify all photos into a place

Nowadays, some people like to use smart phones for convenience, some people like to use camera for better quality. Whether the photos are taken by smart phones or camera, move all photos into a place. For example, you can transfer your pictures into PC, laptop, hard drive or pen drive.

2. Arrange photos by YYYY/MM/DD 

After transferring your photos into a place, you wouldn’t want to see your photos mix up together. Rename your images by inserting YYYY/MM/DD at the front of image’s name.

Rename your photos can convenient you when you are using Pixajoy Editor. Please refer to step no.5

3. Go through every photo, delete bad ones, keep the good ones 

As technology has advanced, smart phones also contain a function called ‘burst mode’. In this mode, numerous photos are taken quickly by pressing shutter button. Every piece is similar to each other including posture, angle and background. Hence, you just have to keep the best ones, and delete the rest.

4. Select and start uploading pictures

Let’s take the most popular size of photo book which is 8.5″ x 11″ to be an example. Choose and add pictures on the Pixajoy Editor. To produce the best outcome, we strongly recommend to upload maximum 320 photos for this size, maximum 8 pieces per page. The outcome would be affected if more than 8 photos are uploaded in a page. Remember, LESS IS MORE!

5. Fully utilize the tools

Pixajoy Editor has readied all convenient tools for our beloved customers. Thus, you’re very welcome to fully utilize them, especially the “autofill” tool. Autofill is the key to make the process a lot simpler and easier. Once you have uploaded the photos, click “Autofill” and all photos will be filled into the templates automatically.

Autofill will arrange your photos accordingly if you include YYYY/MM/DD in your image’s name. So, rename!

6. Adjust brightness and contrast

Photos with sufficient brightness will create better outcomes than those dark photos. Hence, adjust brightness before sending the project.

For Offline Pixajoy Editor, click here to download! 

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Other suggestions of photo editor: GIMP, Meitu XiuXiu Web, Adobe Photoshop

Please click here for tutorial

7. Order, sent, done!

After you have completed, place your order and…… taa-daa! You’re done!

We hope this blog post helps you in creating your photo book. Follow these steps to make the process a lot easier, simpler and faster!