Calendars – all of us need one, at least; whether we are homemakers, executives or even students. So, why not have Calendars that are easy on the eyes since you need to look at it day in, day out.

That’s why Personalised Photo Calendars are simply perfect! D-I-Y to your personal taste by simply adding your favourite photos to the ready-designed calendar templates.

To make each month even more memorable, use photos as reminders for that month’s special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries.

Moreover, these Calendars make for a thoughtful & warm gift all through-out the year; as a Birthday Gift, Christmas Present, Farewell Gift or just to say ‘I love you’. Everyone will definitely want a Calendar that celebrates their sweet memories.

As for biz owners, they are perfect for you too! Use these Calendars as a Year-End Gift for your clients, not only to say ‘Thank You’ but also as an elegant reminder of your services.

The best bits of Personalised Photo Calendars?

  • They are fun & unique.
  • You can start calendars on any month you like.
  • Add little icons to dates you don’t want to forget.
  • You’ll have smiles on your face & be putting smiles on other’s, as you see the photos on your Calendar.

Why wait? Get one for yourself and a few for your friends & family at Pixajoy 😉