Self-Care: Top 4 Tips to Create Your Motivational Photo Book

by | Jul 30, 2020 | How To, Inspiration, Tips and Tricks

Have you ever been so burnt out and exhausted that it’s hard to remember a time when you were optimistic and motivated to take on the world?  If your answer is ‘yes’  (we’ll even take a ‘maybe’ at this point), we bet you’re not alone!  It is a common feeling or experience that many of us encounter at least once in a lifetime when we face a struggle. 

However, feeling unmotivated, tired, and lost every time you face challenges and barriers can hold you back in all areas of your life. Hence, it is important to stay motivated and deal with a difficult situation in a positive way. To be able to do so, you’ll need the right source of inspiration that’ll help you to challenge you to question your perspectives and grow in unexpected ways. 

There are many inspirational sources out there such motivational books, podcasts, or creative videos available on youtube. But nothing can be better than a motivational photo book that’ll help you to build a continuous drive of motivation in life. So, to inspire and help you out to find the right content for a one-of-kind- motivational photobook, here’s a guide on how to create your motivational photo book. Read on.

Get Inspiring Stories From Your Dearest

Everyone has a story to tell. All that you have to do is listen and pick the real pearl of wisdom from their stories that deserve to be noted down. Every day, millions of people (Including all of us) watch movies, read novels, and search the Internet for stories that inspire or make us laugh. But how many of us have really listened or got to know some inspiring stories of those around us from themself?

Come to think of it. Many of us tend to look for inspiration from outsiders, but we often overlook the value of the stories shared by our nearest and dearest people. While an outsider’s story can be really fascinating, admirable and inspiring; even the smallest stories that our nearest people share with us can be more relatable, learnable and something that’ll be remembered forever.

So, we would recommend you to have a chat with your friends or family to get to know what inspires them, makes them feel good or just helps them to stay on track. From the stories that they’ve shared with you, you can summarise the things that inspired you as quotes, photos or words for your photo book.

Creating a motivational photo book out of the stories and looking back at them when you feel low in future is a great way to help you keep motivated. The stories in your photo book will not only inspire you but also boost your mood by reminding you of the moments when those stories are shared with you.

Pro Tip: For better content that’ll instantly motivate you at times of difficulty, be sure to add stories and pieces of advice from your grandparents. Although the world now and the world they lived in is different, they’ve walked a mile in your shoes before and they do know what it is like to be where you are, or at least, at the age, you are at. So, their stories and experience they share will definitely be far more inspiring and motivate you to go through anything that comes in life with a positive attitude.

Add Something You Love from an Inspirational Person.

Have anyone’s words ever inspired you to be the best, at least for a particular period of time? Have you ever admired a well-known person and watched their interview videos or read books about them? If your answer is ‘yes’, why not include the things that they’ve said or something that you find interesting about them in your photo book.

Basically, the main reason why we admire someone is because, in some way, the things they said or do, make sense and are quite relatable to our life journey. So, adding some of their famous moments, words or quotes that inspires you in your photo, can be a powerful way to strike a chord and influence you to be a better person when you feel low.

Whether you want to add a summarise of some of their speeches, tips to overcome adversities or something you come across that resonates with you, creating this photo book will sure to fuel your enthusiasm and give things a go. 


Include photos that make you smile

There is no better cure for a bad mood than a smile and laughter. It is the best medicine that’ll help you to get rid of the dark cloud that hangs on your head. One of the best ways that you can bring a smile or make yourself chuckle when you’re in a bad mood is by refreshing some of your funny and best moments.

Turning your favourite snaps into a photo book is a great way to bring back some of the special or silliest things that happened in your life. When your mind starts to think of the good old days, you can easily divert your attention from negative thoughts and the problem you’re facing.

This will help you to boost up your mood, make a move and think of what to do next instead of getting stuck in the situation and live in grief. When it comes to what to add to your photo book, it doesn’t really have to be photos, you can add artworks, quotes or jokes that’ll have you smirking to yourself as you look at them.

Pro Tip: You also can include funny snapshots of your pets. They are sure to put a smile on your face when you look at your photo book for motivation.


Look Back on How Far You’ve Come


“Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be”.

 – Rick Warren

As humans, we are bound to face diverse struggles in life, and the way we handle these struggles determines whether we’ll triumph or not. So it’s important to maintain a strong level of motivation to keep moving forward. In this case, taking a look back on how far you’ve come is a great way to help you have a continuous drive of motivation in life.

A simple thing like collecting photos of every stage of your life till date and compiling them into a photo book can give you a fresh perspective to look at a difficult situation from a different angle. 

When you tend to look at your photos from the past you’ll realise and remember how much you’ve changed, the past accomplishments and your dreams. These things can be a powerful confidence booster that’ll help you get out from a bad phase and feel motivated to reach your potential.

Now that you’ve read and got to know how to create a motivational photo book, why not create yours now and light up your internal fire! If you’re ready for a premium quality photo book or would like to browse through some of our other products, feel free to visit Pixajoy website and choose your favourites and give them a try!

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Self-Care: Top 4 Tips to Create Your Motivational Photo Book

Have you ever been so burnt out and exhausted that it’s hard to remember a time when you were optimistic and motivated to take on the world?  If your answer is 'yes'  (we'll even take a 'maybe' at this point), we bet you're not alone!  It is a common feeling or...

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