Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way…….

You be S-A-N-T-A now. Ho! Ho! HO…!


1) Christmas Decor

Decorate your Christmas Tree with StoryTag Cards.

Print & hang it on your Christmas Tree. Sounds great, huh?

Don’t forget to cheer up the Christmas Tree with your personal photo StoryTag cards, as well!

Fast & Easy – Just choose your selfie photos right from your mobile phone & print it into the cards.

Extreme convenience for you!

Or you could also choose the beautifully-designed StoryTag Card HERE.


2) Christmas Eve Party Countdowns!

As you party your night away during Christmas Eve, paste some huge posters on the wall to make the atmosphere merrier! The merrier, the better.

If you are organizing any special stage performances during this Christmas Eve, decorate the stage with posters!

Christmas planner reigns with this!

You could also decorate your living room with Christmas Posters, to get yourself into Christmas Mood, everyday.

3) Personalizable Postcards To Convey Your Utmost Sincerity

Prepare a set of Postcards ready to be sent by express mail, to anyone you intend to!

There may be many other forms of sending Christmas Wish, BUT, this would be the most meaningful and unique way to show how much you care.

A very much different and personalized sincere wishing anyone can receive.

Who would resist that?

Especially when you could write your own personal Christmas Message, with own photo or the receiver’s photo in it!


4) For Mummy & Daddy

Create a meaningful Photo Book with the photo memories of 2015. Gather all the photos you have got with your mom and dad throughout this whole-year-round. This will be the best Christmas Gift they will ever be receiving! Watch out for their expressions as they flick through this Photo Book!

Secondly, you could also add in messages in each page of the book, christmas message, greetings, or a thankful message to them. Anything message or story you may like to add in! Let your imaginary fashion sense come into place, for once now!


Or for those artistic geeks, you could draw up a sea of cartoon comics of your daily activities with your parents, highlighting some of the hilarious awkward moments you have encountered with them.

Snap your completed cartoon sketches, and arrange it in a Photo Book by “Titles”

Every pages contains the comic sketches, and you could name it – “Moments of My Superb Cartoonist Parents”


5) For your Valentine

Write a storyline of the love story between you both in a Photo Book as Christmas Gift.



Have a great Christmas Season this year, Merry X’mas!