4 Easy Ways to Go Green for Earth Day (and Everyday)

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Hey Pixapal,  as you all might know, Earth Day is just around the corner, and we couldn’t think of a better time to discuss how to celebrate our mother nature and improve the world around us.

Though there’s a lot of thing going on in the world and the global pandemic is dominating our collective attention- making us hard to find the energy to care about environmental sustainability. Being thoughtful about how we can contribute to increasing a healthy and sustainable environment is as important as ever.

But the question is where do you start? So, to help you out on that,  here are 4 simple tips for living a more environmentally conscious life. 

Switch to Reusable Tote-Bag

We’re all aware that plastic pollutants are everywhere, and we’ve all seen the destruction: choking sea turtles, clogging up huge swaths of the Pacific Ocean, and more. And yet, at grocery stores or shops, we do take them without a second thought even when we’re charged a certain amount of fee for it.

Why? Is it because they’re easy to use? Or because they’re light-weight, convenient to store and transport your things? If your answer is “yes” or “maybe” for any of these questions, then it’s time to kick the plastic bag habit by switching to a reusable tote bag.

Reusable tote bags aren’t just a trendy way to carry your belongings, but also can hold anything from books to groceries and is durable enough to use over and over again. Also, due to their reusable nature, reducing the amount of single-use plastic inadvertently discarded into the environment will be a lot easier.

Pro Tip: The most challenging aspect is remembering to take a tote bag into the store, and creating the habit, so why not personalise with something that can remind you to bring them along?

Say No to Plastic Water Bottles

It’s important to drink plenty of water every day to stay hydrated, but using a disposable plastic bottle on daily basis is not a good idea for both the environment and your health.

This is because when you’re done with plastic bottles and throw them away, they do not biodegrade, as the pieces of plastic (also known as microplastics) will always remain on earth – end up polluting the environment.

So, the best solution you should go for is getting a  tube tumbler or handy tumbler to reduce the consumption of bottled water. Since tumblers are stylish, reusable, and durable- you’ll not only be able to help in saving the environment but also in saving your money in the long run.

Replace Single-Use To-Go Cups

I think most of us can agree that the morning does not begin until we have had a good cup of coffee, tea or any hot beverages. Whether you are a fan of a particular brand or need your fix from whichever coffee house closest to your office route, chances are that you are grabbing your daily fix in a takeaway cup. 

Though it’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a delicious cup of takeaway coffee, it’s certainly not a good idea as throwing away your cup when you are done can impact our environment. So why not replace them with travel mugs?

Just like tumblers and tote bags, the travel mug is also an amazing reusable item that’ll help to lower impact on the planet than disposable cups. Besides, being handy, they’ll also look stylish and an easier sustainable option to go for. 

Repurpose Glass Jars

Have a collection of empty or near-empty bottles lying around your house? Instead of throwing them into the trash, try recycling them, or even better upcycle and repurpose them.

While plastic and specific problems like coffee cups and cotton buds are often mentioned when it comes to things that give an impact on the environment, one of the main domestic and waste streams – glass jars are hardly getting a mention. But that doesn’t mean that recycling them is not a great idea. In fact, by doing so, you’ll be able to keep the environment clean-which in a way that contributes to a healthy environment.

As bottles and jars can be used for so many different purposes, trying to repurpose or reuse any glass jars at your home instead of getting a new one should be a good idea.

Whether you want to reuse them for DIY skincare products, store homemade jam or simply use them as a holder, recycling them is a great contribution you can do to the environment as this can be helpful in reducing plastic usage.

Pro-Tip: Did you know that you can creatively repurpose glass jars or bottles with photo prints? Check this out: Repurpose Glass Jar.

And that concludes our list of 4 simple ways to go green. We hope this article gives you ideas and inspirations on how to become more sustainable and save the planet. If you feel inspired and want to try any of the products, feel free to visit our Pixajoy website. 


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4 Easy Ways to Go Green for Earth Day (and Everyday)

Hey Pixapal,  as you all might know, Earth Day is just around the corner, and we couldn't think of a better time to discuss how to celebrate our mother nature and improve the world around us. Though there's a lot of thing going on in the world and the global pandemic...

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