As a parent, you would want your child to grow up into a successful and well-equipped adult in future. A hope that every parent desires. Nevertheless, the challenges are unpredictable.

Still, everything starts from the most basic thing in life, which is our language, alphabets, and numerical characters. Children are fast learners and they are easily influenced by anything they get exposed to. Language helps your child understand every single interaction, communicative speech they encounter. Thus, a good foundation in language competencies lies in how you, as a parent, nurture them in their early childhood days. Keep them engrossed with personalised children’s books!

What’s next? Get this children’s book, as a perfect gift for your child on her / his next birthday!

You could personalise this book with the child’s photo, name, skin colour, and add-on a personal message to the child. Get this book printed featuring the child’s personal traits!

Reap the benefits of reading Personalised Children’s Book with your child : –

1) Engage The Child

Stay beside to your child, keep it cozy and read out the sentences in the book loudly to them. Let them hold the book and touch the book. Do the same everyday.

2) Forge Stronger Bonds

Baby usually are quite blur and innocent around 2 – 6 years old. However, it is advisable to explain to them as you read it together with them. This enable you to form stronger bonds with your child.

3) Better Performance In School

According to numerous studies, children who were exposed to reading and dialect speaking of the same language at early age, performed well in school. Having a mastery of reading paves the way for success in various subjects including math and science. The child has mastered the language well in a very early age and is already used to it. The child remembers better with books featuring him/her.

4) Enhance Speech Skill Development

During preschool, a young child learns to understand a language and develop enunciation skills. By reading aloud to your child, you help them recognize basic sounds of the language. This teaches them the right way to pronounce the English word.

5) Personalise It!

As it is personalised, your book is an ideal special gift to any child. The giver will be remembered as they can leave a message on the book which will be printed at the first page of the book (e.g. ‘Love From, Aunty Sally’)


6) Improve Communication   

Children’s book often show the interplay between characters. As a parent reads aloud, the child forms an idea of how people express themselves and communicate with one another.

Your children would love this personalised book featuring themselves!

Present this special children’s book as Birthday Gifts.

An interesting, solid children’s book any child can have!