“Time won’t keep anyone.” 

Kids are sweet, carefree, cheerful and a little bit silly, especially when they are going on vacation. They never fake their emotions. They jump up and down, be talkative when you bring them to places they’ve never been before because exploration is always exciting and delightful. But how to prevent decomposition of their candy looks forever?

– All you gotta do is to album the followings!

1. The Close-Up

Chubby faces with angelic expression are priceless. Lower your body position, be the same height as them and look in their eyes to capture it. It should only be the face, shoulders, not forgetting the big eyes in the frame.

2. The Interaction

Hugging, tossing, chasing, walking hand in hand. Little interaction that shows overwhelming love. Snap those truest expressions and laughter to savour the moment.

3. The Silhouette

In harsh sunlight? Utilize this chance to capture your kid’s shape and outline against a brighter background. Don’t let the natural light slip away!

4. The Footprint

On a captivating beach where sky, waves and sand create a perfect scenery? Capture your child’s little footprint on the sand.

P/S: Because the feet will grow bigger as time goes by.

5. The Unconsciousness

Snap some candid shots too! Document the concentrating face when they are focusing on playing with their imaginary friend or finding their happiness.

Small boys and girls will grow up to be adults in a blink of an eye.

Time can’t keep them small, but you can preserve.

Ready Templates of Making Kids’ Photobook: 

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