Facing the problem of missing picture during open your existing project?  The warning indicate that you had unplug the pen-drive/ external hard disk or remove the picture folder in your computer. Please refer to below steps to find/replace the missing picture.

Step 1:

Move/Copy the photos used in the project from the pen-drive/ external hard disk to the computer hard disk

Step 2:

Re-open your project. You will face the error of “The following images are missing”. Please click Find Pictures.

Step 3:

Click the first photo and click the Update button. It will prompt a window to search the new location of the photo. Select the files and click OK.

Step 4:

Next, you may see the message, “There are other missing pictures that appear to be located in this folder. Do you wish to update the picture boxes for these pictures as well?” Please click Yes. System will automatically update the other photos as well.

Step 5:

After all done, click Continue.

Reminder:  After that you must save the project and please check every page to make sure all photos are exists.

Thank you and hope this helps you!