Some of you would perhaps like to add in your own Background design to the Pixajoy Editor Library collection; to be used in your photo book project. No worries, you can do so.

To add a new/own Background image, you must first make sure that you have saved background to disk, either as an RGB TIFF, RGB JPEG or PNG file. Also, the background picture must be of sufficient resolution (minimum 200 dpi) to fit across the page or spread.

Step 1: Click on “Backgrounds” tab.

 Step 2: Click the Chain-wheel icon and click “Add”.


Step 3: Browse the background picture file you wish to add and then click “Open”.

Step 4: You will be given the opportunity to enter a name for the background and category.

 Step 5: Your own background is now added into Pixajoy Editor.

To use the Background on your project,  simply by drag & drop it from the Library and onto the page.