Mummy, do you know why I do what I do?

When I stare at you, it shows how important you are to me…

The eyes are the window to the soul... love is bound to be shown.
Every time I see your face, I fall more and more in love with you. You are so important to me!

When I smile at you, I’m so happy to be by your side!

Every smile, every laugh, every gurgle... everything is precious.
I know that for some reason, you smile brightly whenever I smile at you.

When I talk to you, I’m just so eager to tell you how I feel!

Your voice is the sweetest melody...
Are you listening every time I tell you how much I love you?

When I attach myself to you, I don’t want you to go away…

Mom, please don't ever leave me.
Whenever I see you walk to the door, it feels like you are leaving me behind.

When I put things in your mouth, I want to share with you!

Mummy tastes the best.
The best things are the ones you can put in your mouth!

When I cry, I don’t want anyone else to hold me but you…

There's nothing quite as comforting as mummy's love.
I love you the most, only you can comfort me.

So, do you understand how much I love you?

Every precious action by your child is them showing you how much they love you. Don’t forget to capture these precious actions on camera so that you have heart-warming memories to look back on.

These irreplaceable candid moments will look great printed out, may they be in photo books or photo prints, as physical items bring out more sentimentality and will last for a very, very long time.

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